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Readers stand out and your child will too
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Try this.

Just like the book ‘Where’s Waldo?’ try the game ‘Find the reader in the room’. It won’t be half as difficult as finding Waldo.  In a crowded room of people, readers are the ones with these distinct outstanding characteristics that make them stand out for the right reasons.

Conversations and Opinions

When one has read many books, of course it is a great topic of conversation. However, even if you are not talking about books, readers have a knack of logical thinking and hence make them great conversationalist with independent opinions. I had a friend from school who always had a book in her hand. She read Famous Five, Nancy Drew and many others. She wasn’t just a talking encyclopedia, she was an independent thinker.

Reading enhances the ability to express

Ability to express – This ability even adults often lack. This is not only critical professionally but personally as well. We express and communicate with just about everyone around us – siblings, teachers, friends, relatives. Reading helps in articulation of feelings by providing more exposure to a multitude of scenarios, reactions and feelings. This has happened with my own son. We read the Pepper series and that helped him emulate the right behavior and express what he is feeling.

Books increase knowledge

This one need not be explained. The more one reads the more one knows and learns. Pretty simple. Even if you read the newspaper or the best-selling story books.

Reading sharpens the memory and attention span

Reading multiple alphabets, words and sentences to form a meaning works in many ways to sharpen one’s memory and attention span. If your little one is keen on reading a whole book, celebrate because that is a great deal of attention and focus well spent.

We had an ice cream party when my boy finished reading ‘Dear Zoo’ all on his own.

Readers become Creative Thinkers

Adults and children alike, show these characteristics. A young fond reader would happily use his imagination and think of creative things as compared to a non-reader who would most probably struggle. 

Readers make the best writers

Ask any famous writer for one piece of advice to become a writer and he/she will tell you to read extensively. Reading expands your vocabulary and exposes you to different styles of writing. The more you read, the better you write. Simple.

It is no surprise that successful readers of the world take out time from their extremely busy schedule just for reading. From Presidents to business tycoons.

At a growing age the child’s mind is often compared to a sponge. The more the child reads the better language comprehension he/she will surely develop. That skill will only grow stronger with practice.

My boy’s teacher strongly emphasized that two disciplines – mathematics and language both contribute in a balanced brain development. With the practice of reading a child enters a new world in the story and witnesses various cultures, places and emotions. It is true that books create confident and expressive children. They will indeed stand out.

What is your child reading right now? How has reading helped him/her? Please tell me in the comments below.

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