Aug 252020
Mile Bandar, Shahar Ke Andar! #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales
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This is my entry for the #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales Contest

No visit to a sanctuary,

Just a few times to the zoo,

No visits to national parks,

Now what could I do!?

I have had my share of experiences,

I have had my share of fun,

Because I am going to start talking about,

My trip to Vrindavan!!

So this goes back to the days,

When I was a small child,

My innocent assumption was,

Monkeys were only found in the wild!!

Koo chuk chuk in the rail,

Our train came to a halt,

We had touched Mathura station and 

Monkeys were there, by default 😉

Mom kept saying hold my hand,

Do not let it go,

These notorious beings will,

Take your bag in a go!! 

In the land of temples, 

In the land of god,

I saw people petting them,

As if nothing was odd!!

I held my granny’s hand,

And she was wearing glasses,

And now we had entered their land,

How could they let us go, without any passes?!!

Oohhh!! Down dived the naughtiest one,

He came in like the wind,

And took off with my granny’s glasses,

Before we could even think 🤔 

Now we wondered what to do,

How to get the glasses back,

The local people were not surprised,

And they came in with a hack!!

As this was a gang,

And the show wasn’t solo,

A man came and told us,

Lure them with a polo!! 

Ohh my my, oh dear lord! 

What a sight it was,

Pleasing dear monkey darlings,

And offering, without a pause!

Finally to catch the polo,

He had to let it go, 

And down came my granny’s glasses,

And all our faces had the glow!!

So this is my Monkey Tale,

And I want to win a Jungle,

Because when I went to Vrindavan,

I had a lot of mangal 🙂

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