Mar 312021
Jab we met❤🐶 #kbcPetUntrouble
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This is my entry for the #kbcPetUntrouble Contest.

During my entire pregnancy the only worry I had was will my cute little dog (Billy) get along with my baby, will he be able to withstand the transfer of entire attention to the baby and I was truly startled to see how he reacted.

The door opens, Baby Aarav and of course me are back from the hospital.

And here he comes “Billy the Dog”, super excited jumping from one corner to another showing anxiety and curiosity to know the new member of the family.

I sat on the sofa with Aarav on my lap and Billy jumps and licks my face and tries smelling the little human on my lap.

I resisted out of concern as Billy could lick or even bite. So I yelled at him “stay away ” and Billy jumped down and sat, but was still keen.

I kept him away for a day or two to be safe, but something inside told me that Billy would never hurt Aarav, and soon he proved me right.

One day I went for a bath and Aarav started crying. Listening to Aarav’s cry, Billy ran and barked in every room and called everyone. We all were flabbergasted by his reaction and yes he does that till now.

That day I allowed Billy near Aarav and yes he smelled him and licked a little but did not bite, instead sat next to him like a bodyguard .

Billy and Aarav are best friends now. Aarav snatches the ball from his mouth and throws, they play together, fight and sometimes sleep together. Billy is harmless – he is family.

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