Feb 032020
If I were a tiny Superman… #kbcSuperpower
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This is my entry for the #kbcSuperpower Contest.

Everyday, I dream of being a tiny Superman, only to realise Mumma tells me it’s fictional and not real. But in my tiny heart, all I want is to be her tiny Superman. If I really could be one, then I dream of doing so much more than Mumma could comprehend. 

I’m a tiny Superman at heart and if I had the super power, I would want to help her in all her chores. I would fly a bag of vegetables down to the door, so she doesn’t have to carry them herself. I would finish all her chores before she’d realise that there’s so much pending to do.

I would make sure that Papa doesn’t get tired while driving through the traffic because being a tiny Superman, I could fly him straight to office. I would be so strong that, I could protect all my friends and fly high in the sky. 

I would fly down the roads to reach my tata (grandpa) who lives in Hyderabad and wishes to see me every day and play along. If I had the super power, I would do everything naughty and run away in a jiffy before Mumma came to punish me.

I would play all day long and never get tired, I would finish my homework as if it was never there. I would help my teacher at school to pick the daily load of books. Ohh yes!!! Then it would be so much more easier being a 3yr old and lots of fun toooooo. 

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