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An Abyss Of Thought #kbcSuperpowerContest
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How I wish I could fly. Soar through valleys. Touch the sky. Living down here, it’s such a bore. If I could fly, life wouldn’t be such an abyss of thought. I would be free from every single one of society’s conditions. Just imagine flying through white clouds, dreaming of things so surreal. I’d let the wind brush past my face and the blissful butterflies rest in my hair. I’d watch the trains go by, listening to the hum of their engines

I’d lay in my bed. Daydreaming of things like this quite often. Not many people lived by our house, so it was hard to find ways to pass time. I went downstairs to see what mum was doing. She was sitting in the kitchen smoking a cigar. It was a habit of hers that I despised. It was an overcast day. Dark sky, grey clouds. The flowers in the ceramic vase by the window seemed tense. No longer smiling at the sun. I sat next to mum. Her long brown hair was tied into a messy bun. Her hands covered in mud and petals. She loved gardening. Daddy hadn’t come home yet. He worked at the mill. It was a good job to have in a small town like ours. Mum smiled at me, sighed and went upstairs to clean up. I walked over to the window and looked at the red brick houses along the street. Unlike the others, our house had little glass windows painted with the translucent paint we found in the town square. I saw Mrs MaryAnne walking her dog, Albert. I saw Mr Roberts in his Model T. I suppose he was coming home from a long day at work. I went to the pantry and got myself an apple. It was quite late. I wondered when Daddy would be home.

Mummy came down the stairs looking fresher than a daisy. I helped her set the table. She took a steaming hot shepherd’s pie out of the oven. It smelt absolutely divine. We sat down and as soon as we poured ourselves glasses of water, Daddy walked through the door. Mum seemed mad. She got up and they went to their room. The door slammed behind them. I could hear distant chatter from their bedroom. The word ‘late’ was thrown around quite often. It was times like these I wished I could fly. I climbed onto the roof and watched the first few stars appear in the sky. I closed my eyes and imagined the wind touching my face. I was getting lost into a perfect world, but before the butterflies came, mum yelled at me to come down.

Dinner was silent. All I could hear was the sound of chewing and an occasional “Pass the water please.”

After we cleaned up. I went to my room and got ready for bed. I nodded off to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school. I had to bicycle there since Daddy took the car earlier. Mum gave me my lunch and a kiss on the forehead. While I was cycling, I felt dizzy. My hands were weak and my palms, sweaty. I went off balance and rode straight into a bush. I blacked out after that. When I woke up, everything was blurry. I saw mum’s silhouette calling my name. I also saw Mrs MaryAnne. Everything cleared up when Albert jumped on me and licked my face clean of all the dirt. I sat up and coughed. I had miraculously changed into my nightgown and was in my own bed. Mummy asked me what happened. I told her I could not focus while riding because of her argument with daddy last night.

After everything was sorted out, we thanked Mrs MaryAnne and Albert and went to the kitchen. Mum sat on the chair and lit another cigar. The flowers were still drooping, and Daddy was still at work. I excused myself, went up to the roof, closed my eyes and let the wonderful thoughts of flying fill my head. I was mesmerised, happy to be in my own thoughts once again.

This story is my entry to the #kbcSuperpowerContest .

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