Feb 082020
Back In Time #kbcSuperpower
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If I had a superpower It would be Timetravel. It sounds like a cliche superpower that most people would pick but there is a reason it is such a common want. Although it might seem quite unimaginative it’s a very extraordinary power when you think about it. Imagine the things you could change in the past and all the things you could see in the future.

The best part would be being able to correct mistakes like falling over, saying something by accident, writing a wrong answer, etc. If I had this superpower I would be able to save so many people’s lives by preventing unfortunate events that have occurred in the past.

On the brighter side of things, I would go back in time to make some money! Invest in big businesses like Apple, Microsoft, Adidas, etc. Imagine coming back to the future to a multi-million dollar mansion and luxuries most people aspire to have. Obviously myself isn’t the only thing I would spend my newfound riches on. I’ve always been a fan of charity work and helping people in need so I would do a lot of charity work and donate to good causes with the money.

Timetravel could be used to experience so many things. As dark as it sounds, experiencing death would be a cool scenario to experience. I would also try stuff with high risk like skydiving, bungee jumping, etc because I will always know that if anything happens I can time travel to fix anything that has gone wrong.

In general, I think this would be the most useful power to have in daily life and it could be used to save millions of lives. That’s why I would love to be able to time travel.

This story is my entry to the #kbcSuperpowerContest .

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