Jan 172021
Review: National Geographic Kids Funny Fill-In: My Dinosaur Adventure
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Book Title: National Geographic Kids Funny Fill-In: My Dinosaur Adventure

Type: Paperback

Recommended Age: 6 years onwards

This naughty little book has been in hiding while we got busy reading other books. Finally, we caught it and gave it a go.

22 Stories for you to complete!

The book takes you on an uproarious Dino Adventure with 22 stories waiting to be completed by YOU 🤩. As the name suggests, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with whatever 😁 yes, whatever comes to your mind (noun, verb, adjective, adverb or even any number, sound or year) and weave your own hilarious story.

Three-in-one: It’s an absorbing, captivating and educational book!

I say, educational because:

1) Every story comes along with a fun fact on the left

2) Gives you grammar practice in disguise (great for 6 year olds who have started with nouns, verbs, adjectives)

3) It brushes up your vocabulary too as you scratch your little brains to complete the story with a fancy funny fill-in.

CREATE & READ: Do it alone or as a bunch.

We spent such an amazing time weaving our own silly stories 😁 (we did 2 stories with all the words chosen by Sharav). Too many good things in one tiny book. Ensure this book gets to your house and treat yourself with some rib-tickling, jaw- hurting fun.

There are quite a few books in this Nat Geo Kids Funny Fill-in series on different topics like Robot Adventure, Space Adventure, which we eyeing already!

Special Note: All of the National Geographic Kids Books offer several different styles of books to appeal to any level of learner you have. You can never go wrong with Nat Geo Kids!

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