Jul 102019
You can do it, positively I can. #YouCanDoIt
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How can one be so loving, considerate, sincere, caring and lovable? I’m really proud being related to her. To take her traits and at least do a little bit of justice to be like her in whatever I do.

Any guesses that you can make our about whom I’m talking about? Yes, my mother. I draw a lot of inspiration and look up to her as my role model.

Ever since I was born and until a few years back I know that she was working. My mom was an assistant professor in a reputed educational institution. She taught maths. Yes I know maths is a little difficult for all of us. Including me, yes. But she does solve problems in a jiffy and makes it sound like a piece of cake. That’s the same way for her students. I have seen many like me, who had no liking towards the subject, but had that notion change after my mother’s classes and the notes. All they say is they do not need even the text book, a good listening to her class and the notes she gives out is enough not only to pass but get a distinction. Comments like that made me so proud.

With my father working in a different city, it was she who brought up me and my sister. Being a working woman. taking care of two daughters, focussing on their education and their needs, is a big deal.

I used to sit and wonder does she ever get time to rest? Taking care of her parents, in laws and then us. Does she spend some time for herself? Now after being a mother, I talk a lot about “me time”. I wondered if there was a concept like that when me and my sister were born.

And now after retiring, she takes care of my daughter with the same energy, enthusiasm, care and love. What more should I ask for? She has been and will be my inspiration any day. I hope I can be a little bit of what she is now, when I reach her age.

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