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When I needed a hand, I found a Paw. #YouCanDoIt
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Rewind – 2.5 years

A lady who was struggling with pcod conceived naturally after one forced abortion. Isn’t that any less than a miracle? So she expected everyone to be happy about it and bless her for this good news.

But what followed was a nightmare. A nightmare which thousands of woman are dealing in our country every day – The in-law’s torture, the dowry menace, the patriarchal society, the suppression.

While everyone talks about raising a voice but nobody tells how.
I am one of the victims of this torture – I was brutally tortured and suppressed by in-laws to an extent that the life in my womb was at stake. Hyper nausea, hyper Anaemic (Hb was 6.2 at one point during pregnancy). I was starved, pushed, abused and what not during pregnancy.

Coming from a very liberal educated family, nobody taught me how to deal with it. Rightly so, because nobody expected something like this can happen with a girl who is independent, well educated. On the other hand the guy you married is also in a life dilemma because it’s actually hard to digest the fact that the parents and siblings he worshipped all this while, will straightaway turn ruthless for his wife .

I was struggling with this havoc and was losing hope everyday. There were days I felt like ending my life and then there was just one thing which stopped me – two wagging tails.

Paws which would never leave me alone not even for a sec. Gleaming puppy eyes looking at me and saying – woman why do you cry? Look we love you, we love you for who you are. We love you no matter what may the situation be. You don’t need to fit into any criteria to be loved by us. You don’t need to prove to be good daughter-in-law, or a good wife or a good sister-in-law .

All you need to do is be good human. A human who knows no boundary when it comes to loving. A human who would not hurt anyone intentionally. A human who just wants to spread love and happiness for every fellow being .

Every time I would think of running away, there would be just one thought – what will these voiceless dogs do? Who will feed them? Will they survive if I am not there? And that stopped me from not only running away from situation but to actually be brave and face the situation.

I knew for a fact even when everybody would leave my side if I decide to go against the society – these two will have my back. These two will love my future baby like a sibling. And that gave me courage, that feeling of being loved lifted me. I promised myself to take care of myself and these two paw angels. Leo and Flash.

In those dark days when I would be taunted while I was full time pregnant and would be sulking – my paw angels divided their duties. Flash became the consoler and Leo became the light bearer (my darling ray of hope). When I would cry they would just sit besides me sulk with me and then Leo gently would get up and bring his food bowl and bark – Woman I need food, even you and the baby in your womb need it. Get up, let’s eat .

And that was it – I never looked back, I announced to cut off all the chords from the in-laws even if that means a divorce.

Someone rightly said – All it takes is a tiny moment of courage to break generations of patriarchy.

Present day

I am blessed with a healthy adorable Diva who is 22 months old. My husband stood by me and took my side. My in-laws don’t speak to him, me or my daughter.

While my paw angel left this earth on Dec 2018. I etched his face on my skin as a tattoo.

He gave me so many reasons to live. He gave me reasons to fight for woman who are in need, gave me reasons to help the voiceless who may turn out be a paw angel in someone’s life.

Flash still inspires me everyday.

They both taught me to be grateful, count my blessings and most importantly be myself. To rise above man-made norms, to stop trying to fit in the roles which are subjective by keeping your life at stake.

Baby Mannat reading to Flash

I found my inspiration in my dogs – I still don’t know what should I call those Angels whom I adopted. I rescued them from getting abandoned or they rescued me ❤❤

All you have to do is to find that one ray of hope, to move forward, to fight back, to stand for yourself, to celebrate, love and live life.

May our tribe grow, may we raise better human beings.

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  1. Nancy you always seem to me a super strong women. After knowing your story I realized you are actually very storng and bold personality. We need women like you who step against all odds and take one’s stand. Proud of you. As rightly said animals are loyal than humans. You are lucky to owe 3 precious gems mannat, flash and late paw. Much love to you and mannat😘


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