Jun 282019
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I want to share this story as a part of the #YouCanDoIt Contest!

When it comes to inspiration many of us have their father, mother, friend etc… But for me I have my sister’s batch-mate as my inspiration – my role model.

I met her somewhere in 2012 – my mother use to babysit her son. I started to get to know her since then. But we actually got familiar during my pregnancy and post that as I started talking to her and consulting her for all my health issues.

First she was just doctor for me and my kids…but I gradually started to talking to her so she slowly became my role model.

A Young Vibrant Doctor (in her 30’s), a learning Dietician, a wonderful Mother, a beautiful wife…she is one in all…Multi-talented lady! 

She inspired me to lose weight, as I had severe health issues due to my post pregnancy weight gain. She guided me in all my life’s decisions, she always lends her ears to listen to my moody talks.

Dr. Shainaz Siddiqui, a selfless lady, caring, supporting, motivational lady! She lost 18kgs of weight in just 5months (with her hardwork) despite of being a doctor, full time mother, responsible wife too. She is a great inspiration to all the ladies out there who struggle with kids and household chores and always complain that the don’t have time to lose weight.

I started my weight loss journey on her footprints. She is there constantly motivating me, guiding me, handling my mood swings etc etc..

Through this platform I would like to thank her for being always there…and for inspiring me and all the ladies out there who are struggling in their lives because of weight.

Dr. Shainaz Siddiqui is a perfect example of ”If she can you also can” 

Thanks Di! Love you loads!

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