Feb 052022
Wanna be a part of the Khoji Gang? Pedru And The Big Boom [Review]
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Title: Pedru And The Big Boom

Author: Nandita Da Cunha

Illustrator: Niharika Shenoy

Publisher: Kalpavriksh

Pages: 68

Type: Paperback

Age group: 7/8 – 12 years

My 8yo son Divit wrote this review which I’m sharing on his behalf.

Pedru is a super adventurous story of a brave khoji boy. Pedru and his friends call themselves Khoji as they spend their spare time playing the game where they have to find new things and places. Adventure loving Pedru wanted to see places, beyond his own village Rotnagaon. He plans to run away with his friend to search for a new village but unfortunately gets caught by his Pai! This made his Mai so angry that she told him one day you will wake up Pedru and BOOM your punishment will come. 

So one day when Pedru woke up to hear a deafening sound of an explosion and saw clouds of red dust from behind the hills, he thought it is God punishing him. Little did he know that the miners have come to his beautiful and peaceful village. The mining started creating havoc – all plantations were slowly dying, houses were always coated with dust, water was getting dirty! Pedru couldn’t bear to see his village like this. He couldn’t bear to see his Pai and Mai so upset. He decided to take the miners head on and while doing so he stumbles upon a leaky dam that was built to hold all the waste from mining. It was his khoji discovery that alerted the villagers and saved Rotnagaon! 

The story is set in Goa and it took me there with Pedru in his adventure. What I loved most are the following:

1. He loved adventures just like I do

2. He was part of a khoji gang which is super cool (I have a group that we call secret six)

3. He loved good food exactly like me

4. He has a mom who is always worried just like my mom

5. The sketches are very beautiful and look so real

Beautiful Rotnagaon

So if any of you like adventures, then join Pedru to find out how he helped save his village by ordering this book from Amazon (kbc affiliate link),


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