Jun 242022

Meet The Courageous Change-Makers! [Review]

Through this book, I met these 65 young boys and girls who had some great thoughts and ideas. Did they really keep them in their head? NO!!! They had a plan, they knew exactly what they wanted and they just followed that.

Apr 222022

Review: Curious Tales From The Desert

Accomplished storytellers, Shaguna Gahilote and Prarthana Gahilote, take the reader through the wild jungles and deserts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, and even Sindh and Multan in 16 folk tales.

Apr 122022

Review: Tales from Around the World

As opposed to a book of folktales from a particular region, Geeta Ramanujam has shared a plethora of experiences from a wide array of cultures in one book.