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Review: The Magic Couch – Adventures with Thatha
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Title: The Magic Couch – Adventures with Thatha

Author: Shilpa Rao

Illustrated by: Sahitya Rani

Publisher: Talking Cub (an imprint of Speaking Tiger Books)

Format: Paperback

Pages: 24

Age group: 4.5-7 years

A book full of fun and knowledge

We got the review copy of this book and as soon as I opened the package, both Ishani (my daughter) and me were in awe of the cover page! We totally loved the couch on an airplane and the expression on both Thatha’s and the child’s face was so natural! And who would miss the little big creature (hippo for Ishani) with the parachute. So, we flipped through the pages marveling at the illustrations – how happy the duo looked, the peace and smile on their faces was infectious.

When anyone thinks about Grandfather, it’s usually about lots of attention to the grandchildren, lots of gifts and cuddling and cajoling, maybe even teaching life lessons in their own ways. Little do we ever think about someone going on adventures with their Grandfather especially a Grandpa with white hair but this book lets you think otherwise and in the most beautiful way.

Here is a Grandpa with white hair who loves having fun with his grandkid and mind you, there is lots of learning happening in this fun book. There is only a couch but this couch creates magic when the little boy shares his imaginations with his Grandpa who gives wings to his imagination.

The couch takes them for adventures to different parts of our country covering all the 4 directions. Now, are not all kids, in general, fascinated with underwater life, space, flying, et all? This little boy is no different, he is fascinated by the mountains, the sea, the wild, the space, the fields and while it is not specifically mentioned, he is able to communicate his imagination to his Thatha. So when the little boy imagines going to the mountains, Thatha’s couch takes a plane ride to Ladakh; when he imagines wildlife, Thatha’s couch boards a jeep safari in the Nilgiri hills and so on. The book gives an opportunity to introduce children to the map of India, famous places, giving them glimpses of Ladakh, Bay of Bengal, Nilgiri mountains, Mandya (farming) and for the space enthusiasts – ISRO. It also gives an opportunity to show your kids the power of communication!

The bond between the boy and his Thatha is described so beautifully both in words as well as in illustrations. The rhyming sentences are sure to hold the attention of children. It doesn’t end here – at the end of the book are facts about the places mentioned in the book.

In Ishani’s words:

“I like this book because it has Nanu and me. I love Nanu and I like playing with him just like this boy. I like the Ladakh adventure the most because the couch sits on top of the airplane – it must be so much fun! And at the end, Nani also comes so I like that page a lot. This Thatha is like my Nanu, he always plays with the boy and lets him have fun.”

While Ishani (4.5 years old) enjoyed the story as much as the illustrations, Virat (my 1.5 yo son) enjoyed the illustrations as well. I know this because while his sister was away at school, he picked the book up from the book rack and flipped through the pages, looking very intently at the illustrations. I would recommend this book for all 4.5+ year olds who love adventures and their grandparents.

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