May 132019
Review: The Day The Crayons Came Home
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Book: The Day The Crayons Came Home

Author: Drew Daywalt

Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Soft book

Ages: 3-6 years

If Crayons could talk!

Under the sofa, on the bed and even in the kitchen, I find crayons everywhere except inside the crayon box. Does this happen to you as well? That is why I was super thrilled to read ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’ with my five year old boy. This was one way I was hoping to teach him to take care of his thousands of crayons.

The book is actually a sequel to the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ written by the same author. My son and I have read both books. But one need not read the first book to enjoy this one. In itself, it is such a pleasure.

His school has recommended these books and they have read them in the classroom while they were learning the central concept of conflict management.

The book is all in post cards written by and with the crayons themselves. The many crayons are complaining of being lost, broken or forgotten by their owner, a small boy named Duncan.

While reading the book I asked my five year old, “If your crayons could talk what do you think they would they would say?”

He replied, “Don’t press so hard and don’t lose them.” He giggled.

The book is such a cute story with such a creative and fresh perspective. I mean, a book from the crayons’ perspective. How clever is that! The book is a bit lengthy so I would recommend it for children of 5 or 6 years plus or for a child with slightly more attention span.

After reading the book I always ask my boy, “What do we learn?”

“Take care of the crayons.” He sang in a tune.

“Otherwise you will get a letter from the crayons.” I laughed.

Enjoy this fun story book with lovely illustrations. The other book written by the same author is The day the crayons quit and the Legend of Rock, Paper & Scissors. I recommend all.

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