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Books to grab in June!
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A place for Pluto written by Stef Wade and Art by Melanie Demmer

Kbc member Sherry recommends this book and has shared inside pages in the fb group here. Excerpts from her review:

This is a very cute story book about Pluto – What happens when Pluto finds out that he is no longer a planet and doesn’t fit in anywhere?
Pluto is sort of going through an identity crisis and wants to figure out who he really is. He can’t be a planet or a comet or a meteoroid or an asteroid as he is small, has no tail, not dusty and rocky and he definitely does not want to hit the planet earth.
He doesn’t know where he belongs anymore. He feels nobody and the pain is real but he is not giving up till he finds his true place in the solar system.
And yes, he does find his true identity as a dwarf planet when he meets his friends who were just like him The Eris, Haumea. Makemake and Ceres!
You will definitely fall in love with the adorable Pluto as you read his journey to discover himself. So much to learn from this wonderful book- Is it a science and a space book or a story about friendship, belonging, acceptance and not giving up.
And the answer is both 🙂

Munch! (Felt Teeth) Board book (super fun interactive book) by Rosie Greening. Girija just grabbed it for her childoo! She has shared a video in the fb group. Many of Rosie Greening’s books by Make Believe Ideas are available at Scholastic India as well. (this is our kbc storefront at Scholastic)

Little Monkey Gets Lost: Where Animals Live (Scholastic Early Science) . All the EARLY SCIENCE books by SCHOLASTIC are available at Scholastic India as well (this is our kbc storefront at Scholastic).

Auntie and Me: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz Lift-the-flap Books) 

That’s What Aunts Do 

Bobby Knows Best

Why I Love My Sister

Usborne First Experiences Moving House for 2-5 years (16 pages)
USBORNE We’re moving house for 3-6 years (24 pages) – Amardeep has this one for Neil. She has shared a mini review and inside pages here in the kbc fb group.

Who Will Be My Friends? (I Can Read Level 1) by Syd Hoff for 3-6 years (another book for kids who are moving)

New House, Same Underwear (38 pages)

The colour monster (a book on feelings and emotions) for 3-6 years

DK First Emotions – a series of books on different emotions for toddlers

Don’t worry, Hugless Douglas


Slowly, Slowly, Slowly, ” Said the Sloth By Eric Carle Excerpts from Sherry’s lovely review in the fb group.

A picture book that is meant for me. I feel I am always in a rush and I would want to be like a sloth sometimes 🙂
“Why are we always in a hurry? Rush. Rush. Rush. We scurry from here and there. We play computer games and then – Quick! Click! – we watch TV. We eat fast food. Everyone tells us to make it snappy! Hurry up! Time is flying! Step on it! There’s so little time just to be with friends, to watch a sunset or gaze a a star-filled sky.
Ah, what we could learn – even if just a little – from the gentle sloth who slowly, slowly, slowly crawls along a branch of a tree, eats a little, sleeps a lot, and lives in peace.” Eric Carle
We enjoyed this book. The book is repetitive and with voice modulations it can be considered as a funny book too. The art as always is beautiful. We were also introduced to some unique animals from Amazon Rainforest like yellow spotted river turtle, armadillo, coati, double crested basilisk etc. Different animals from rainforest observe sloth and some ask why he is so lazy and slow. He is quiet for a long time but finally explains with some strong vocabulary “I am lackadaisical, I dawdle and I dillydally” “I am relaxed and tranquil, and I like to live in peace. But I am not lazy.” “That’s just how I am. I like to do things slowly, slowly, slowly.”
This is a gem!

WHOS AFRAID OF Z? NOT ME Excerpts from Amardeep’s review on the fb group :

This hilarious book is exactly about what we all face at times – coffee spills on the laptop, and after careful mopping and tap tapping, they find that the letter ‘z’ isn’t working. Oh, such a relief, who uses z anyway! Z isn’t happy with the way they are talking, and decides to come in the little girls dreams and hilariously informs her about certain words that would be impossible to write without z.

This is such a beautiful book for varied reasons – it highlights the fact that while we may think someone is less important, in reality, everyone is important. We must value everyone’s uniqueness. And the way the story does this, it’s really wonderful.

The book also instills a love for letters, words and language in a child. And finally, I absolutely love the fact that it shows a woman working with tools to repair the computer! A big yayyy to that.

There’s Coriander in my Sugar Pot! by Rea Malhotra Mukhtyar (the author of Germ Academy) Achira has shared inside pages in our fb group here. Quoting her:

How would you want your special day to be like?? Mess free day is what we mums would love to get on our birthdays! Mumma in this book wants the same and she rightly deserves that. But does she get that!

When she finds coriander in her sugar pot bright and early in the morning she knows the day would not be as she had expected it to be. A series of totally relatable messy events follow that will leave you in splits. The rhyming text makes it even more fun. Would her special day be like this- completely full of mess and mayhem or would it be rather special??

Read this funny book to find out! P. S. The book comes with a recipe for your mum at the end!

The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson. Excerpts from Prachi’s review in the fb group:

The book is just wow! A must have for children who find it difficult to talk when surrounded by strangers or to make friends (works for grown ups as well). The first line of the book is so relatable. Don’t we all sometimes feel that we just dont fit in whether it is in terms of how we spend our time or how we look or how we speak. But we all have our stories to share and unless we have shared the story, we do not know whether we belong or not. The story is about one such girl who felt all these things until one day when she finally shares her story and ends up making a friend who has something in common with her.

The illustrations are beautifully done and show things that kids see every day.

A must have not only for kids but for grown ups who struggle with stranger anxiety or maybe even stage fear. It can also be must have book for children starting school as the scenario here is actually school after vacation.

Nibi’s Water Song

All the Water in the World

The Water Princess

Why Should I Save Water?

The Day War Came Divya has this book. Excerpts from her review.

Written by: Nicola Davies

Illustrated by : Rebecca Cobb

A girl narrated what happened to her and how the day started when the war came. The day was just the usual and she leaves to school but then there are bombs everywhere and all she could see is darkness. She leaves her home and travels across rivers and reaches a place. And is so eager to attend school but she is turned down because there is no empty chair in the class. She then thinks war has come to the new place too.

That’s not the end of the book. She does get help from someone unexpected.

The book is based on true incident.

Geronimo: The Penguin who thought he could fly!  by David Walliams Excerpts from Maithili’s review in the fb group:

“Geronimo, a baby penguin, has one and only one dream: to fly. He keeps on trying his best to fulfill it, trying all these funny ideas to be airborne and failing miserably. His dad keeps telling him that penguins can’t fly. But Gerenimo doesn’t believe in giving up. His resilience makes his dad come up with a very unique idea. A tale about a baby penguin who follows his dream and his dad, who always has his back.”

The Kissing Hand (The Kissing Hand Series)  Achira has shared a very heartfelt review with inside pictures in our fb group. Excerpts:

The kissing hand by Audrey Penn is about a little baby racoon Chester. He doesn’t want to go to school because his mom won’t be there and he will miss her loads. He loves his time at home but mumma tells him that how some things are to be done even when you don’t like them or are anxious about them. And that is when she tells him about the kissing hand that is always there with him.

I loved this book because it explains the most beautiful truth in a way that the kids get it. Even when are little ones are at school a piece of heart is always with them. From the time I put them in the bus to the time they are back home, I feel am not whole. And Adu loved the book so much that he has been waiting to go to school tomorrow with his kissing hand.

There are other books in THE KISSING HAND SERIES.

Kiki and Jax: The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship by Marie Kondo, illustrated by Salina Yoon (40 pages)

Tico and the Golden Wings  by Leo Lionni highly recommended by Achira: “It captures Tico’s feelings when his friends feel he is different (bcz he has golden wings instead of black) and refuses to be with him.”

Interrupting Chicken for 4-8 years. This is a Caldedott Honor book!

Grolier Help Me Learn Draw (10 Different Books)



KATHAYEN: Illustrated stories for Children for 7-11 years (160 pages)

Super Zero and the Clone Crisis (208 pages)

This Book Will (Help) Cool the Climate: 50 Ways to Cut Pollution, Speak Up and Protect Our Planet! for 9-11 years (192 pages)

Too Many Blooms: 1 (Flower Girls) for 9-11 years (192 pages)

Kitten Smitten for 9-11 years (288 pages)

Begone the Raggedy Witches (The Wild Magic Trilogy, Book One) – 288 pages

Camp Rock: Say What? A Jammin’ Fill-in Story for 8-12 years (112 pages)

The Invasion: A Graphic Novel (Animorphs #1) for 8-12 years

Bena’s Summer (268 pages) – listed in must reads for books on inclusion

No Nonsense Nandhini for 10+ (105 pages)

Ankit Fadia’s books on ethical hacking (recommended by Shraddha)

Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security by Abhinav Ojha


THE USBORNE Little Children’s Activity Book mazes, puzzles and colouring (Little Children’s Activity Books) – Achira has this and has shared inside pages in the fb group here.

There are lots of interesting activity books in THE USBORNE LITTLE CHILDREN’S ACTIVITY BOOKS SERIES!

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