Aug 232022
Review: Jollykids Good and Happy Living Series
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Meet the new series from JOLLYKIDS called Good and Happy Living published by Sheth Publishing House. There are 3 booksets in the series with 8 books each.

1) The Emotional Way (stories about Feelings & Emotions): Titles in this series – A New Friend, Anger, Beauty around me, Every problem has a solution, Fear, Little Miss Sunshine, Meet my family, Sadness.
2) The Social Way: Titles in this series – Let’s Help, Magic Words, Messy Mary, My friends and me, My School, Our Town, Respect, Taking care of Bingo
3) The Physical Way
: Titles in this series – Eyes and Ears, Food, I am Special, My Skin, Say No, Sleep, Staying Healthy, Teeth.

Publisher: Sheth Publishing House
Type: Paperback
Recommended Age: 3 – 6 years
Pages: 16 pages in each book.

The very core aspect of a wholesome growth is to grow up as a physically strong, emotionally balanced and a socially aware human being and this must start from a very early age. The content of these set of books is so appropriate to introduce these important concepts to little ones who are stepping out in the outside world. The books explain the importance of these social, physical and emotional aspects in the simplest and non preachy way.

We received 3 books (one from each series) to review:

The Physical Way – Sleep

My boys hate sleeping and are always reluctant to go to bed. As much as they like bedtime snuggles and bedtime reading, the sleeping part is not their favourite. But this book is a great one that talks about why sleep is important in the most direct and simplest way. Sleep helps us stay fresh, stay healthy and lets us grow. It then talks about the routine before sleep time which is indeed a very important thing. This is a very good book to set that bedtime routine for kids and explain the importance of sleep to them.

The Emotional Way– Every problem has a solution

This is a very cute story about two siblings – Jane and Joe who had a fight and had stopped talking. It is a very common thing among siblings and we as parents always try to help them cross that bridge. But this story is unique because here their mom says something very important. She says,

“You both have a problem and you both need to talk to each other”.

Isn’t this the most important lesson to teach our kids?!! Yes, if there is a problem, talk about it, open up about how you feel and sort it out together. Every problem has a solution, we just need to address it the right way.  It is very important for us as parents to let the kids learn to fight their own battles to survive in the outside world. This book surely helps them to learn this.

The Social Way – Respect

We all are social beings and we must know how to be good at that. Being helpful, kind and showing respect are all very important things to learn. This is a great book to explain how small acts of kindness can mean showing respect. It shows how we can be kind in different situations and show respect to our friends, our elders and people around us. What I found most amazing is it gives the situations and shows which action means being respectful in a said situation. The message is conveyed directly and is to the point.

All the eight titles in each series are very important for our little ones to know. Big text, catchy colourful pictures and an activity at the end of the book make it perfect in every way.

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