Feb 272021
Review: It All Began When I Said Yes
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Title: It All Began When I Said Yes

Author: Simon Philip and Annabel Tempest

Type: Paperback

Age group: 3-7 years

I have been feeling the boys are getting tired of being holed up inside, and I have been getting a lot of “no’s” these days. So out came this lovely book “It All Began When I Said Yes” by Simon Philip and Annabel Tempest!

A book that is beautifully illustrated to convey a very important message.

It is about a little girl who says no to everything that her parents ask her to do. So much so, that her mum and dad ask her if she can just try to say yes once! It all changed when Gideon, the Gorilla arrived at her door! She started saying yes and had so much fun with Gideon.

What a funny mess that leads to and how her parents help her with a big hug is a cute ending!

She also realised that while saying yes is very important, saying no once in a while is fine too. Overall a very lovely book to understand the importance of these two short yet powerful words!

Ideal for 3 years plus, but both my boys enjoyed it.

If you are going through something similar do try this one.

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