Mar 122021
Review: Friends Behind Walls
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Title: Friends Behind Walls

Author: Harshikaa Udasi

Type: Paperback

Age group: 6 – 9 years

What do you do when your parents are at loggerheads and don’t let you play together? Inu and Putti have become friends and are determined to dissolve the animosity between their parents.

The story is set in Deolali, Maharashtra where Putti has come to spent his summer vacations along with his parents.

The author Harshikaa Udasi has a unique, easy to read, flowing narration. She has given a fun twist to her characters like Putti’s dad who talks in rhyming words. The book has illustrations by Krishna Bala Shenoi.

Though black & white, the illustrations help in visualising the story effectively. The book has a local feel to it, usage of Marathi along with English translations. The author introduces difficult words and weaves their meaning in the narrative itself in a fun manner (like —brouhaha broo-ha-ha, she says doesn’t mean you laugh while brewing tea or coffee. It means an uproar, a lot of noise)

This story totally signifies beauty in simplicity. A simple story, that becomes a relatable one with her colloquial style, which urges you to bury all the grudges and move on and cherish the bond of friendship.

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