Aug 232020

My visit(s) to the Singapore Zoo – Animals, Birds and Much More! #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales

My visit(s) to the Singapore Zoo – Animals, Birds and Much More! #kbcKaadooMonkeyTales
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I asked my 7 yr old to tell me her fun memories of the Singapore Zoo. The write-up is based on what she has shared. (Pictures are combined from two trips).

One of my favourite places to visit in Singapore is the Zoo! Mummy-Daddy make sure we spend a full day there, from the time the gates open to the time they close! The first time we went my brother was just 6 months old, so he just kept sleeping in his pram. So I will tell you about my visit with him when we went with my cousins when he was older. But he still did sleep in his pram! We fought to sit in it too!

The first thing I did on entry to the zoo, was pick a zoo map, so we could decide what to visit. Mummy also checked the time for feeding of animals and special show timings. Singapore Zoo is so big, with walking trails. When you are tired, there are trams to take you around. We waited at the tram stops and got off at whichever stop we wanted.

I will tell you about some of my favourite things:

Feeding the Giraffe: I finally got a turn, after missing it two times. The giraffes have a long black tongue, I gave them carrots without being scared. Mummy-Daddy said I’m very brave.

Feeding the Lions: We saw the zookeeper throw meat to the lions which they gobbled up. Then we saw one of them do potty also and we all laughed a lot!

The Dog Show: It was so nice to see cute dogs do tricks. Mummy said the zoo takes a lot of care of the animals. She said once one dog had been left by his owner. The zoo people decided to take it in, cared for it and trained it. We also got to pet the dogs!

Waterpark: My Singapore masi told us about this secret place inside the zoo! It is a big waterplay place where you wear your swimming costume and we enjoy the slides sprinklers and all. Me and my brother and mummy didn’t want to leave!

Singapore Zoo is so much fun. I’m waiting to visit again!

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