Feb 262019
Monkey And ME
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Image Source: Bookworm Goa

*Award Winner!

Book:  Monkey And ME

Author: Emily Gravett

Type: Board Book/Paperback

Ages: 0-5 years

What readers like about this book: It’s an Emily Gravett book! Need we say more?! A brilliant way to teach toddlers animal names through a guessing game!

Emily Gravett is an award winning children’s author and her other books can be found here on Amazon.

Blue Chameleon has been recommended by Tejaswi. Quoting her: “There’s a chameleon who wants to make friends, but the other animal doesn’t want to. So chameleon keeps trying again changing shape and color wanting to make friends with different animals, and in the end he does make a friend where he can be himself.”

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