Mar 042020
Meri Bachpanwali Holi #kbcHoliHai
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Here is my entry to the #kbcHoliHai Contest .

Who dosen’t like this festival? Since childhood days Holi is one of my favourite festivals. Sometimes I feel sad just miss my friends with whom we use to just play and play. Still remember I had one of the exams during holi – i might be in 1st or 2nd std. Next day my paper was there and i wanted to play Holi with my mom. Till today i remember how much i had to convince her to let me play!

Still remember how much we used to wait for holi to come. Filling balloons with water and coming towards our friends. How much we use to tease each other running with balloons in hands and scaring others!

Really miss those days but am happy the same fondness am seeing in my son today who is 4 years old. He also likes this festival a lot. He is also waiting to be in water and wants to play with colors. His pichkari is also ready from now. This year my son is also looking forward for holika dahan darshan as just recently I read the Pralhad story to him due to which now he can relate the same. He understands now why we put fire on holika dahan day and what it means.

Meri Happy wali Holi!!!!!

This family pic was taken last year in our building premises which is my favourite picture of holi. For me Holi will always be very special as have so many lovely memories with it

Wishing everyone a very happy holi !!!!!

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