Mar 112022
Mad over books in March!
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Here’s the list of recommended reads as well as books ordered by our kbc members!

DK Stuff to Know When You Start School  highly highly recommended by Achira. We’ve added it to our BACK TO SCHOOL curated post. Quoting her:

Like all DK books this one is superb too. What I loved about this book is it covers all the aspects of going to school in one place. Starting from who you are, what are manners, the clothes you wear depending on seasons, staying clean, the different array of emotions a child can feel, how can you stay happy, how can we look after our planet, how to make friends and many more! There are also a few nursery rhymes at the end and things to say hello to when you reach school the first day! Definitely a great book to have for our little ones who are getting ready to step into the real world! Tomorrow is the last day of online school and I have mixed feelings. A mother hen in me is anxious but yes reading this book together and seeing their excitement I am getting ready for the big day! We start school on Monday and our energy levels are super duper high!

Busy Nursery 

Peppa Pig: George’s First Day at Playgroup 

The Pigeon HAS to Go to School! 

Spot Goes to School: An Original lift-the-flap book

Countablock (An Abrams Block Book)  Girija has this and recommends it for 1.5-4 years. Quoting her:

When I came across COUNTABLOCK, it checked all my boxes.
-It is a board book, sturdy enough and can bear rough use.
-It is very very attractive.-It has all the numbers until hundred.
-Does not have extra information that a toddler might find overwhelming.
-Has big numbers that a toddler can trace.-Plenty of scope to increase vocabulary.

This is how we have progressed over the months:

-M devoured the wonderful illustrations for the first few weeks-then started asking how many bananas or popsicles or butterflies were on the page
-after a month or so she started asking us to read to her until 100 while she patiently listened
-Started talking about numbers in random scenarios eg. she would take a measuring tape and say mumma’s height is 64.
-Slowly started telling the numbers on her own, she needed the first prompt but she had now understood the concept. So after 20 if i said 21, she would go all the way up to 29 and wait for me to say 30 and 31.
-Stopped needing the prompts after a while, all i had to do was open the page for her.-Now she has started counting everything. Not just in this book, but everywhere. If she sees apples in the fridge, she wants to count them. She was trying this for the last couple of months, but has only now started getting it right.

Countablock has played a major role in keeping her interest in numbers, alive and strong. The book is a bit expensive, but so so worth it. Do have a look at the inside pages and you will understand why. If your young toddler loves numbers, this is definitely the book to go for!

Clifford’s Big Dictionary this is a Scholastic Book for 2.5-4 years. Brilliant to build the child’s vocabulary.

NO, DAVID series

Wailing Won’t Work


Wide Awake: Book 3 (Dinosaur Juniors)  by Rob Biddulph (one of Achira’s smallie’s fave bedtime reads)

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book (one of Achira’s smallie’s fave bedtime reads)

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed! (Little Princess, 9) 

Oliver Who Would Not Sleep

Hap-Pea All Year (The Peas Series)

Too Many Toys by David Shannon

What’s for Lunch, Papa Penguin? for 3-6 years

Life Issues by Team Pegasus – Mona Sharma has 4 books in this series and highly recommends them.
Set of 8 Serious Life Issues Books for 4+ Year Old Children Product Bundle is also available and very affordable.

The Worry Box (Let’s Read Together) for 3-7 years

How to Grow a Unicorn for 3-6/7 years. Amardeep highly recommends it:

This book is about a little girl who wants to do something special for her grandmother’s birthday, and finds a shop of magical plants, from where she brings unicorn plant seeds. But, instead of planting one seed, she plants the entire packet! What ensues is hilarious, magical madness! What I’ve absolutely loved about the book, apart from the rhyming words, is the way it promotes imagination and creativity. It’s a lovely book for kids who love books on unicorns, magic, poop, plants and also for budding storytellers!

Uni the Unicorn series for Unicorn fans!

Unicorn colouring books

Where’s the Unicorn Poo? A Search and find (Where’s the Poo…?)

RAINBOW MAGIC BOOKS for unicorn and princess fans for 5-8 years

Strictly No Elephants for 3-7 years. This is asha’s favourite book on INCLUSION.


There’s a Bug on My Arm that Won’t Let Go

One More Does Matter, Lana

Look Up with Me: Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Life Among the Stars

Hattie Peck Punidha highly recommends this book.

Hattie Peck is a hen who laid only one egg but it had never hatched. She wanted to have an egg on her own irrespective of their sizes, so she goes on an adventure to find all the abandoned eggs and keep it in her coop. She continues her journey through storms, mountains, snow, deep sea, dark caves and fire, villages, cities and almost everywhere. She hopes to get atleast one hatchling from the eggs she collects and cherish the motherly nature.

Eva’s Imagination

Edwardo the Horriblest Boy in the Whole Wide World

Slow Down: Bring Calm to a Busy World with 50 Nature Stories by Rachel Williams for 5-8 years

Slow Down: 30 mindful activity cards by Emily Sharratt for 5 years+

USBORNE Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls from Around the World 


LET’S READ TOGETHER books are for 3-7 years and address many issues in a fun and non preachy way!

To name some of these LET’S READ TOGETHER BOOKS – Blue Monster Wants It All!  (Let’s Read Together)

Gruff the Grump (Let’s Read Together)

Smiley Shark (Let’s Read Together)

Tiny Tantrum (Let’s Read Together) 

Poo in the Zoo (Let’s Read Together) 

The Great Cheese Robbery (Let’s Read Together)

The Very Sleepy Sloth (Let’s Read Together)

The Very Greedy Bee (Let’s Read Together)

Little Why (Let’s Read Together)

No! (Let’s Read Together) 

Dangerous! (Let’s Read Together) – asha just got this one and it’s HILARIOUS! it’s about making friends and saying sorry. AND kids get to learn lots of interesting new words!!!

Scaredy Mouse (Let’s Read Together)

The Great Monster Hunt (Let’s Read Together)

The Cool Bean (The Food Group)

The Squirrels who Squabbled Khushboo Shah highly recommends this book to teach kids the art of sharing! She has shared inside pix of this book here in the kbc fb group. Quoting her review:

Since both Daksh and Kabir are very small (2 yrs 7 months and 2 yrs 8 months respectively) and single children in the family pampered by all, the concept of sharing is still new to them. I wanted to specifically tackle this issue in this visit since they are now at an age where they can play with each other. I bought the book “The Squirrels Who Squabbled” by Rachel Bright and it was apt for this purpose. I read it to them by naming the squirrels as Daksh and Kabir and how they fought with each other for a pine cone and landed in some serious trouble. Only when they decided to work (play) together, things worked in their favour. They realized that they could have so much more fun if they shared and played together.

With the lessons learnt from this book, they enjoyed colouring on this Colouring Mat which was also bought due to a recommendation from Asha in one of the posts. This colouring mat was an instant hit with both of them and even their grand dadi (my dadi)! I have washed it as well and the colour does get removed easily. So it is super awesome to have if you want to teach children to colour and paint within the lines and also to keep them busy for sometime 😉

All of RACHEL BRIGHT’S books are amazing. Especially THE LION INSIDE.

Life is Better with Friends: an official gift book of your favourite Friends characters: The Television Series. Payal Kalra Makhija has got it.

Ishaan’s Treasure by Katie Bagli

Superfoods for Superheroes – 72 pages for 8-12 years (as recommended by the pubisher)

Magical Moon Cat: Moonbeans and the Circus of Wishes Book 4 – Mona has this. we’ll wait for her review!

Cookie! (Book 2): Cookie and the Most Annoying Girl in the World

Zap! Nikola Tesla Takes Charge: 8 (Great Idea Series)

The Emperor Who Vanished: Strange Facts from Indian History

Unfair & Lovely

The Adventures of Mooli and the Bully On Wheels for 7-10 years.

The Magician’s Turban (short chapter book)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes : illustrated Abridged Children Classics English Novel with Review Questions for 9-11 years

Sherlock Holmes booksets
The Case-Book Of Sherlock Holmes – Fingerprint! (320 pages)
Sherlock Holmes: The Complete published by Penguin (504 pages)


The Confidence Code for Girls: Taking Risks, Messing Up and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self: Taking Risks, Messing Up, & … Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self for 8- 12 years (according to publisher) – Namrata highly recommends this book.

The Confidence Code for Girls Journal: A Guide to Embracing Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self for 8-12 years (according to publisher)


Macmillan Education Hop Skip and Jump books

How to Become a Snappy Speller: The only spelling book you need for home learning (Chameleons)

Oxford Mini English Dictionary | Easy To Use | Extra Help with Spelling, Grammar and Vocabulary | 7th Edition. Amardeep’s soon to be 7yo (advanced reader) uses it.

Dictionary for kids (8-10 years)


Infographic: How it Works Bind-Up (Life on Earth, Our Planet, Our Universe) 3 Books in 1

Infographic HOW IT WORKS series looks very interesting!

DK Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!: The Universe as You’ve Never Seen it Before (DKYR) for 7/9 years+

Encyclopedia of Space ( Set of 8 Books) (Encyclopedias)  by Om Books Editorial Team for 8 years+

Space encyclopedia by om books

Nat Geo Space books

DK Timelines from Indian History: From ancient civilizations to a Modern democracy for 8-16 years.


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