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Little S’s list of favorite books at 19 months  #kbcBookBingoJr
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This is our entry for #kbcBookBingoJr . Most of these books can be read to 0-4 year olds.

Little S had access to a lot of books since the day she came home from the hospital (thanks to her brother’s love for books). She started listening to bedtime stories since she was a less than a month old. Since then her library has been growing.

So here Little S (19 months old) shares her list of favorite 30 books.

1) A Dino Book- Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts

This is our favorite Dino book for a fun read-aloud with rhyming words, beautiful illustrations and all the hooting and shouting. This is a story about a brave dinosaur who is in a wrong place and how he goes back to his tribe. A super fun read.

2) A book on good habits – Pepper brushes his teeth

Little S was very reluctant to brush her teeth and would cry every time she saw a brush in our hands. But not anymore! After Pepper explained to us how germs will attack our teeth if we do not brush Little S is all for brushing teeth! Simple words, lively illustrations and adorable little Pepper makes this book a must have for toddlers.

3)A Dr Seuss Book- ONE Fish, TWO Fish, RED Fish, BLUE Fish

This is a book from Little S’s brother’s collection. After listening to Baby Shark like a million raised to a million times, Little S is really fond of fish and the beautiful fish illustrated in this book make it her favorite read. This is also a good book for introduction of colors and numbers.

4) A Boynton Board Book- HAPPY HIPPO ANGRY DUCK by Sandra Boynton

This is one of our favorite books and there are many possibilities to read this book. We sometimes read it by making animal sounds, sometimes with voice modulation with emotions and sometimes just sing the words. Little S can read this book anytime of the day. This book always brightens up a mood and she becomes happy as a hippo.

5) A book that teaches you a lesson- Pepper eats green vegetables

What happens when you select junk food over green vegetables? Our adorable Pepper has a story to share with all toddlers. After all green vegetables also do not taste bad at all.

6) A lift the Flap Book- P is for Potty by Naomi Kleinberg

Potty Training is a big milestone for a toddler. Sometimes it can get stressful both for the child as well as the caregiver. So to make potty training fun what can be better than a colorful and attractive book? It has several flaps which interests the toddler and learn from Elmo about how to use a potty.

7) A Bedtime Story- Sleepy Princess from Peppa Pig Fairytale Library

Little S is a Peppa Pig Fan (thanks to her brother), despite not seeing a single episode. She has begun to love Peppa through books. Sleepy Princess is colorful board book which can be handled easily by a toddler. A short story makes it a sweet bedtime read.

8) A book by your favorite illustrater- Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Emily Gravett

This is Little S’s all time favorite book. Beautiful illustrations, rhyming words, a short story makes it a perfect read for toddlers. A story about a little baby who likes to paint and is taken by a mammoth on a ride. Read the book to find out where the mammoth takes this cute baby.

9) A book with a quirky cover- Maoo and the Moustaches by Arunima Chaterjee and Pictures by Prabha Mallya

Little S is an animal lover so the picture of a cute cat on the cover makes her pick up the book and go mau mau. But this little mau (kitten) is running away from something. What is that? Do the read the book to find out. Simple words and beautiful illustrations make it a wonderful read.

10) A Fairy Tale- Princess Peppa from the Peppa Pig Fairytale Library

What happens when Peppa becomes a princess? What does she do? Do read about it. A small board book easy for toddlers to handle with colourful illustrations.

11) A touch and feel book- Touch and feel MY FIRST WORD By Dreamland Publications

This is one of Little S’s first books. Colorful, realistic pictures, textures makes it really attractive even for babies. Little S has been using it for quite a while now and it is a sturdy board book for toddlers to handle.

12) A book that was gifted to you- The Jungle Book by Campbell Books

This was the first book gifted to Little S by another little friend during the KBC Secret Santa. An extremely colourful book, with push, pull and slide tabs that can make story telling fun. A fun read aloud for toddlers.

13) A book on mythology – Ganesha by Om books International

This is little S’s first book on mythology. This is a cut out board book on Lord Ganesha. It talks about Lord Ganesha, his parents and his brother. Since it is a board book it is easy for toddlers to handle.

14) A rhyming book- The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

What happens when the snail wants to go around the world? Can a Whale help him fullfill his wish? And what happens when the snail and the whale set out on their adventure. Do read this mesmerising book, with gorgeous illustrations and rhyming words.

15) A book on shapes, colours and numbers – Ten by Shefalee Jain Published by Tulika Publishers

Little S is fascinated by numbers. So when I saw this book I knew Little S would love it and she took to it like a fish to water. A simple book with black and white pictures and just a few words written on each page.

16) A Yellow coloured book- Bus- A cut out board book by Om Books International

Little S likes looking outside the window at the vehicles going on the road. And along with cars and autos she sees a lot of buses. So a book with a picture of a bus on it was a super hit with her. This is a board book with different colorful buses and makes it an engaging read for toddlers.

17) A funny book- Gajapati Kulapati by Ashok Rajagopalan

When it comes to a funny book I just cannot miss the Gajapati Kulapati series. What happens when our much loved elephant cathches a cold? Read on to know and have fun making various sounds with your toddler.

18) A book by Indian Author- Malli is coming! story by Jeeva Raghunath, Pictures by Nancy Raj

This is a bilingual book by Tulika Publishers available in several languages. A sweet story about how four kids make special gifts for their cousin who is coming to town. Simple language and beautiful illustrations make it a wonderful read.

19) An informative book- MY FIRST 500 WORDS By Wonderhouse books

This is a beautiful picture book which covers various topics from shapes , transport, pets, body parts, toys etc. Realistic, colourful pictures makes it a good buy.

20) A book on Transport/ vehicles- George’s Noisy Vehicle Book- Beep Beep Brrrm!

This is a sound book which has sounds of different vehicles like the car, bulldozer, fire truck, etc. It is a board book as well so perfect for those little hands. Whenever I want to have a hot cup of coffee I hand over this book to Little S and I am sure to get the next 15 minutes free!

21) A sound book- Peppa’s Super Noisy Sound Book

Now Little S loves a lot of Peppa Pig books but among all, this is her favourite. What happens when Peppa and George are stuck at home because of rains? They play at home. And what do they do after the rains stop? You guessed it right, they jump up and down in muddy puddles. Unveil this story with sounds right from dinosaur roaring to duck quacking. And do not miss the sound of jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

22) A one word title book- Train- A cutout board book by Om Books International

Open this train shaped cutout book to know about different types of trains. Make different sounds like chug chug… kooooo and we are all set for a fun ride.

23) A book on any Festivals – Festivals of India- A cutout board book by Om Books International

Due to the current situation Little S could not go outside and look at the colorful decorations during different festivals. However she definitely enjoyed looking at this colorful book which talks about different festivals in India. The board book with concise information makes it a perfect read for toddlers.

24) A book that has siblings- Peppa Pig- Going Swimming- Read it yourself with Ladybird

Being a Peppa Pig fan how can one not mention a book about these adorable siblings – Peppa and George? Enjoy reading about Peppa and George having fun at the swimming pool. Reading it definitely makes us want to head straight to the pool.

25) A book about animals/ birds – The City Calf by Manoj Publications

This is a book about how the calf goes out of his farm and what all he sees around for the first time. A board book with colorful animal pictures make it attractive for toddlers.

26) A book about space/ solar system- My Knowledge Book: Space by Pegasus

Though Little S is too small to learn about the solar system, she enjoys looking at the colorful pictures in this book. Concise information and quick facts make this a good book for toddlers.

27) A picture book – MY JUMBO BOARD BOOK OF ALPHABETS by Tri Color

This book is special as S’s elder brother spoke his first word (fish) pointing to a picture of a fish in this book. Now very happily he has passed on this book to his little sister. This book has lovely, big, bright and real life images of objects that begin with alphabets A to Z. It is a very sturdy board book (we are having this since last 4 years) and can be wiped and cleaned. A great book for toddlers.

28) A sea creatures book- My first book of sea animals by Wonder House Books

This is a board book with realistic images of different sea animals perfect for a fish lover like Little S.

29) A Monster Book- There is a Monster in your book by Tom Fletcher

What happens when you find a monster in your book? Does it go away when you shake it? Or does it stay? When we as a family want to have fun this is our go-to book. Make different actions, different sounds and have a lots of fun!

30) A book with magic- Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

What happens when the witch’s broom breaks and she is faces a scary dragon? Magic comes to the rescue. How? Read this beautiful book with even more beautiful illustrations and find out how this good-hearted witch uses her magical powers to get away from the dragon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about little S’s favorite books as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Happy Reading!

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