Jun 252021

7 Must Have Activity Books For 4 Year Olds

When the lockdown was announced last year, our older one was supposed to start LKg. Being in a nuclear family, with both of us working and a toddler to look after, we could hardly attend his online classes. Also, our son did not show much interest in online classes. So we decided to cover the syllabus at home.

Apr 302021

A’s Favourite 30 (books for 3-6 years)#kbcbookbingojr

We introduced books to A when he was 4 months old. We started with a touch and feel book and now in the past 5 years our library has grown over 75 books. Here I am sharing his favorite 30 books.

Mar 072021

Little S’s list of favorite books at 19 months #kbcBookBingoJr

Little S had access to a lot of books since the day she came home from the hospital (thanks to her brother’s love for books). She started listening to bedtime stories since she was a less than a month old. Since then her library has been growing. Here are favourite 30 books!