Aug 262021
Is giving medicine to your child a harrowing task? Here are some books that could help.
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Going to the doctor, getting vaccines, having medicines during fever is a nightmare for both parent and child. So very often we get queries around this topic. Owing to the pandemic it has become imperative to make one’s child aware of germs and the fact that they can make us all sick. Here are some books that our parents have recommended. It’s a work in progress – we will keep adding to the list!

For 1 – 3 years

Baby Medical School: Bacteria And Antibiotics

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? (2 – 4 years)

Don’t You Feel Well, Sam? (2 – 5 years)

For 4 – 8 years

TERI GET WELL SOON BOOKS by Benita Sen (24 pages) for 4-7 years.
Teri-Get Well Soon-Fever 
Teri-Get Well Soon-Allergies
Teri-Get Well Soon- Injuries
Teri-Get Well Soon-Stomach Problems
Amardeep highly recommends them (fever and injuries). She has shared some inside pages in the fb group. Excerpts from her post:

These two books help explain these things very well. The books explain how the child, the doctor, the parents and the medicines are all “team mates” in the fight against the germs. They also explain other important things – tell your parents if you have any pain anywhere (it could be a clue), be honest with the doctor, why you need to rest when you are ill and much much more.

On one of the pages, it explains how you must check the medicines for the expiry date before eating – so Neil has been doing that before he eats his medicines, and that has made being sick a little bit more fun!

Taking Medicines

Topsy and Tim Go To The Doctor (2.5 yrs – 6 years) – Topsy and Tim books are perfect for first experiences and they help little kids overcome their fears/anxieties about unfamiliar territories in gentle, positive ways with very positive messages that are easy to understand.

Peppa Gets A Vaccination (3 – 6 years)

Vicky Gets A Vaccine (4 – 12 years)

Bob Explains How The Covid-19 Vaccine Works (4 – 10 years)

V For Vaccine

The Itchy-Saurus: The Dino With An Itch That Can’t Be Scratched

Being aware of germs and diseases has helped many parents address this topic and made giving medicines a bit easier. These books come highly recommended:

The Germ Academy for 3 years+
You can read Amardeep’s detailed review here.

Overall, this is a brilliant book​ and is also one of the largest books that I’ve seen with amazing paper quality. ​It has breathtaking illustrations that encourage kids to wash their hands, and maintain cleanliness always. Kids will love the monster illustrations​ and gain a good understanding of the monster we face​. ​My 4 year old was oohing and aahing at every page​, and was completely engaged in the story​. ​

Germs Make Me Sick!: Let’s Read and Find out Science – 2 (for 3.5 years-8 years). Namit and Esha recommend this book.

In Corona times Kabeer became curious about the virus. Thankfully we had this book with us. This book explains all about germs, bacteria and viruses. It helped Kabeer to understand that germs can make one sick and therefore he must keep clean.

Achira has this book.


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