Sep 162021
Bonkers about Bugs and Insects? Here are some books you must have!
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Very very often we get queries about books on bugs and insects. That’s because most kids are fascinated with all sorts of bugs! So we have curated a list of books on all things creepy-crawly that will keep your little one engaged and busy for hours and hours!

pc: Amardeep whose 4yo Neil calls himself a Bug-Spotter!!

Storybooks for curious toddlers that won’t scare them:

For 2 – 5 years

Brilliant Bugs (Campbell First Explorers) – push, pull, slide books perfect for 1-5 years! Priya Pathak Banerjee’s Aaheli adores this book. Quoting her”

Aaheli learnt names of these bugs just a week after we got this book. I just love how confidently she shouts centipede right when she spots it! Her pronunciation is to the point ❤️

Mad About Minibeasts! by Giles Andreae is pure love – very colourful with brilliant illustrations and a must have for every insect-loving child!

The Very Busy Spider

The Very Lonely Firefly

Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! by the acclaimed Mem Fox (1.5-3 years) – works as a look and find book too! awesome to learn new words at that age.

Follow The Ants

Sera Learns To Fly!

Bug In A Rug

Bugs At Play (4 – 6 years)

Life-Size Bugs (Life-size Boards) for 3-6 years (12 pages). Hemalatha has shared an inside page here in the kbc fb group.

The Magic School Bus: Spins A Web (4 – 8 years)

The Ant and the Grasshopper (First Reading Level 1) – Usborne First Reading for 3 years+ Sreyoshi has this one.

The Girl Who Loves Bugs (The Cloud Horse Chronicles, 31) – 32 pages

The Bug Collector by Alex Griffiths (32 pages)

Non fiction for 4 – 8 years

Little Explorers: Bugs (2.5 – 5 years)
LITTLE EXPLORERS SERIES is one of the cutest non-fiction first series apt for curious toddlers. The lift the flaps keep the engaged for longer than you would expect. We recommended this book to #kbcMember Tarangini and her pre-schooler was “super engrossed in it that she was able to get some ‘me time’!”

Do You Love Bugs? Amardeep has this book and has shared inside pages in the fb group here.

I’ve been resisting buying any more books on creepy crawlies, we really have enough. But, Neil has his ways of convincing me.

Since he ‘studies bugs’, I got him this amazing book (Thanks Achira). And OMG, what a lovely book this is. Neil usually likes realistic bug pictures, but he took to the wonderful illustrations instantly due to the quirkiness. However, the facts stated in the book make it precious. There is so much to learn, and the facts are the kind that appeal to bug lovers, for example

– Earthworms eat a lot of muck and do a lot of poop, which mixes in the soil and acts as a fertilizer for plants

– The longest earthworm is actually longer / taller than a giraffe!

– snails have small teeth on their tongues that help them grind their food (naani didn’t know this one, and neil was mighty pleased with himself!).

If you have a bug / fact lover at home, get this book.

The World of Insects with Zayn & Zoey ONLY KBC MEMBERS HAVE A SPECIAL COUPON CODE KBC15 which will give you 15% OFF when you order from the ZAYN AND ZOEY WEBSITE DIRECTLY.

Bugs to Spot (Usborne Minis) 

Little Kids First Big Book Of Bugs (NatGeo)

DK Bugs: Hide And Seek (4 – 6 years)

The Big Book Of Bugs

The Bug Girl: A True Story

Everything: Insects (National Geographic Kids)

USBORNE 100 Bugs to Fold and Fly Sreyoshi has this one.


Eeks! I Saw a Cockroach!
Eeks: I Saw a Mosquito!
Eeks! I Saw an Ant!
Eeks! I Saw a Bee!

For 7 – 9 years

A Ladybird Book: Insects And Minibeasts

Insects And Spiders

The Book Of Brilliant Bugs

The Slimy Book (5 – 7 years)

On Beyond Bugs! (5 – 7 years)

Are You A Spider? (5 – 8 years)

The Backyard Books series (5 – 8 years)

Let’s Read And Find Out Science: Ant Cities (5 – 9 years)

Amazing Questions And Answers: Nature (6 – 8 years)

Woodland And Forest (6 – 8 years)

Butterflies (NatGeo) (6 – 8 years)

NON FICTION For 7+ years

DK Eyewitness: Insect
The Eyewitness series

Super Bug Encyclopedia (8 – 12 years)

Pocket Eyewitness: Insects (9 – 12 years)

Recommended Bug Related Activities

Wooden Insect Puzzle (3+ years)

Insects Puzzle (4+ years)

Pola Puzzles: Insect World (5+ years)

The Ultimate Sticker Book: Bugs (5 – 7 years)

Creepy Crawly Sticker Activity Book (5 – 10 years)

Kids Drawing Books: Step By Step Drawing – Incredible Insects: Read review here.

Endangered Animals Dictionary

Loretta’s Pet Caterpillar

Intriguing Insects

Many thanks to Amardeep, Divya, Vandana, Mahima, Sreyoshi and of course #the14yearold for being instrumental in curating this post.

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