Jul 012021
10 Helpful Books for Homeschooling 3-6 year olds
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We had to skip our son’s nursery due to online schooling. I am listing here some of the activity and learning books which helped him learn the different concepts through homeschooling.

Lines and Curves: Pattern Writing – This is the first concept any school will introduce for writing. This book helped him in learning how to write different patterns and this made writing the alphabet easy.

Activity Books – Puzzles, mazes, jumbled words and much more. These activity book sets helped him in learning concepts like logical reasoning, Maths and English. They are:

a) Book of Fun For Kids by Scholastic

b) Learn With Activity Books series

c) 1001 Activities Book

d) The Big Busy Book Should you wish to buy this book from Amazon, click here.

Science – These books are our recent buy from Scholastic India. KBC being Scholastic India’s first community partner, we get to know about the deals and special offers immediately and we all try to make the most of it. Most of these books were included in the LEARNING PACK FOR KG.

Earth – This book has everything that your kid would want to know about Earth. A great book to explore our planet.

Little Monkey Gets Lost – An amazing illustrated story which teaches kids about different animals, birds, etc, and where they live. Should you wish to buy this book from Amazon, click here.

Art From Simple Shapes – My son was not that interested in drawing/colouring but this book was a huge hit and he developed interest in drawing. Simple step by step explanation on drawing different things using simple shapes. Should you wish to buy this book from Amazon, click here.

Little Learner Packets: Phonics – This book has 10 different learning packets of vowels (short and long). Each packet encourages kids to read, trace, write, graph, match, find and unscramble words.

[Note from Team Kids Book Café: For your convenience, affiliate links (MARKED IN PINK) to some of the book titles & images have been added to enable you to buy the books from SCHOLASTIC INDIA & AMAZON, should you wish to! A very small amount of money comes to kidsbookcafe.com when you purchase a book via the scholastic/amazon affiliate link provided (at absolutely no extra cost to you!). Do let us know if you need information about other children’s books by writing to asha@kidsbookcafe.com.]

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