Mar 112021

Review: The Storm Whale

The story is short and sweet, perfect for younger children. It teaches children about the loneliness of Noi, the friendship between Noi and the baby whale, the kindness of Noi and how Noi’s dad, who is a single parent here, juggles between work and home.

Jul 072020

Review: Kayu’s World is Round

In this book, Kayu’s mother is worried about Kayu who only seems obsessed with circles. Kayu also finds it difficult to connect with others. But it all comes together for Kayu when his love of circles overlaps his friends’ love for cricket.

Apr 262019

Review: Little Cloud

Book: Little Cloud Author: Eric Carle Type: Paperback Age: 2-5 years Little Cloud by Eric Carle is one of my girl’s favourite picture books from her collection (which I have shared here). She likes watching…Continue Reading

Mar 042019

Visit The Bhil Carnival

*Award Winning Author! Book: Visit the Bhil Carnival Author: Gita Wolf and Subash Amaliyar Type: Hardcover -Pop up Book Ages: 6-9 years What we like about this book: It’s not only a visual treat, it’s an interactive…Continue Reading

Feb 272019

School Bus

*Acclaimed Author! Book: School Bus Author: Donald Crews Type: Paperback Ages: 1-4 years What readers like about this book: The pictures! It’s a lovely picture book to go through for toddlers who just adore buses!…Continue Reading