Apr 302021

A’s Favourite 30 (books for 3-6 years)#kbcbookbingojr

We introduced books to A when he was 4 months old. We started with a touch and feel book and now in the past 5 years our library has grown over 75 books. Here I am sharing his favorite 30 books.

Apr 302021

Ishani and I have been reading together since she was a couple of weeks old. Our library has grown immensely since then and thanks to the lovely age-appropriate suggestions at Kids Book Café, our love for books has been growing by bounds and leaps! Here is a list of 30 books that Ishani and her Mamma have read lately as an entry for the #kbcBookBingoJr Challenge.

Apr 262021

I have always loved reading. In fact, my bedtime reading routine is a must or I just can’t sleep. Books have always held a special place, but in the past year since we are stuck at home due to the pandemic, books have been more than just books. They are friends, play buddies (I use them like blocks to stack and make roads to drive our trucks on). They are also our food and bath buddies (yes, Mumma has to read while I play in the bathtub pretending to get clean). Sometimes I even sleep on them. So it’s difficult to choose a few from so many I love. So I made my Mumma list a few.