Oct 202023

Review: Earthquakes For Smartypants

Explaining science to a cat leads to a lot of hilarious moments like when the author explains the earth’s crust, the cat brings a bread crust!

Oct 172023

Review: Vaccines for Smartypants

True to Anushka Ravishankar’s style, the book is funny and informative. Vaccines by Smartypants helps you explain vaccines to the curious cats in your home in the simplest way possible.

Sep 212022

Review: Evolution for Smartypants

I have always felt Evolution is way too complex to be explained to children, and even adults! However, the book Evolution for Smartypants proved me quite wrong.

Sep 052022

Gravity Is No Longer A Mystery, Smartypants! [Review]

The book has explained the very concept of gravity in the most simple terms for little ones. What is gravity and what are the factors that define the force is explained with the help of examples from our surroundings.