Jul 012019
Spreading the Joy of Words – #YouCanDoIt
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This story is being shared as a part of #YouCanDoIt Contest!

[This has been posted by Sid’s mom, Priyadarshani who manages all of his online activities.]

I am an eleven year old blogger and I have been blogging since I was seven. I write about all kinds of things, from reviews to life and travel experiences. Many people have appreciated my blog and my friends have also always encouraged me.

I am very happy to see that some my friends and cousins have taken inspiration from my writing and have started to blog too. Like my cousin Angel, who once saw me writing my blog while we were visiting and wanted to make her own blog. Now her blog is doing very well. She shares her experiences, reviews etc. and has found a new love. Two of my friends also started blogging. Actually earlier they had doubts like “We can’t do this” or “It’s too hard”, but I told them that is just like keeping a diary, writing experiences and feelings connected to events. I told them to give it a try and they did! Both of my friends, Aahana and Sahil have their blogs. Since they have just started a while back their writing still needs polishing but that okay! We all begin somewhere.

Once I was a wedding and suddenly a girl (who I later found out to be a distant cousin), about the same age as me, comes up to me and says, “You are Siddharth, right? I am Avishi and my mother made me read your blog, which, BTW are amazing! How did you start blogging? I want to start too!” So I told her the same thing I told my friends – It’s just like writing a diary. Avishi now has her own blog and writes very well.

All of these people have done really well and now I would like tell you that you should too. Start blogging today! People will say that they don’t have time – well, everybody has a busy schedule but I am telling you writing your feelings down is a great stress buster. People will also say that they don’t have talent – my answer to that even Usain Bolt’s coach had said that he had no talent but hard work and perseverance helped him reach his goal. I think that speaks for itself.

I hope I keep writing and inspiring other people with my work.

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