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Review: Sleepytime Tales With Curious Curie
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Title: Sleepytime Tales with Curious Curie

Author: Sonia Mehta

Illustrator: Sunayana Nair

Publisher: Puffin Books and Imprint of Penguin Random House

Type: Paperback

Recommended Age: 4 – 6 years

The series is named “Sleepytime Tales”, but let me tell you that the stories in the book will make your child anything but sleepy! My 6 yr old has asked for this book many times at bed time, and I have known in my heart that it meant the bed time is going to get pushed because there are so many interesting discussions we have each time we read this book.

The book is a collection of four stories – Curie and The Night Patrol, Curie’s Underwater Adventure, Curie to The Rescue and Curie and The Falling Coconuts. Each story has the ever-curious Curie, who is a human who can speak the language of animals, and her wonderful dog Hubble, going on adventures, exploring either nocturnal creatures, aquatic life, the importance of the sun or gravity.

The beauty of the book lies in the author’s ability to cover non-fiction topics in an easy to understand, story format. The colourful illustrations and the constant dialogue between the characters make the stories interesting. However, in some places the cheerful banter between friends (Example: ”Don’t you know anything?”) borders on being impolite and comes across as being a show off. Also, in my opinion, the topics could have been covered in greater depth, because for a non-fiction crazy 6 year old, there was nothing new that the book offered.

Our favourite part of the book is how it leads to other discussions:

  • Why is the dog named Hubble? What is Hubble?
  • What is Curie wearing on her face, under the water?

This is a beautiful book to learn new things while having lots of fun.

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