Apr 122023
Review: Sleepytime Tales with Coco Comma
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Book Title: Sleepytime Tales with Coco Comma
Author: Sonia Mehta
Illustrated by: Sunayana Nair
Publisher: Puffin Books-An imprint of Penguin Random House
Type: Paperback
No. of Pages: 80
Recommended age group: 5-8 Years

Not sure why but we didn’t have any Sonia Mehta books before and I regret it now because I just realized how awesome an author she is after reading this book.

I quite identify with the main character Coco Comma. Though I am not an English ace as she is, I am very much a grammar nazi like her. I correct people’s grammar many a times which others find quite annoying.

The book contains four short stories each focusing on a different aspect of the English Language.

  • Rhymes
  • Alliterative phrases (I wasn’t aware of what alliteration or alliterative phrases mean before I read this book)
  • Idioms
  • Synonyms/Antonyms

Every aspect of the book is well thought of :-

  • The characters have simple funny names which are easy to pronounce.
  • The lesson which the author wants to give is wonderfully blended with the stories. All the English tips that she gives are part of the story and it makes learning so much more fun. Even recollection of these tips is easier.
  • The illustrations bring the stories alive and ignite the reader’s imagination.
  • The continuity of the characters across the stories gives a feeling of camaraderie with them and it feels like you are part of the story.
  • What I loved most about the book is that it not only teaches children correct grammar, but also tells what would sound better in different situations which are wonderfully incorporated in the stories.
  • Also, if you appreciate humor communicated through language, you will love the stories especially the first one – Coco gets the Rhyming Bug.

I am so bowled by this book that am planning to buy the entire series soon. The book is apt for children who are starting to learn the English Language and for adults (like me) who love to explore the subtle nuances of the language. Age recommendation – 5yrs to 99 yrs 🙂 

There are more books in this Sleepytime Tales series by Sonia Mehta. You can read about Nico Numero here. And Curious Curie here!

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Disclaimer: Khushboo and her son are part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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