Jul 222019
Review: She Can You Can!
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Title: She Can You Can

Author: Garima Kushwaha

Type: Paperback

Age Group: 8 years and above

It is very important for kids to read biographies or autobiographies and short inspirational stories about great people from time to time and from different eras because these books tell them that each one of us is born ordinary and it’s one’s sheer will and determination to succeed, hard work and ability to fight all odds to reach one’s goal that makes us extraordinary. These kind of books also emphasise that a bad phase or shortcoming in life is not the end of the world and there is always a chance to improve and change our life for better.

If there is one book whose each story can help kids as well as adults draw inspiration as to how we can fight all odds to achieve whatever we want in life, it’s Garima Kushwaha’s book “She Can You Can”.

It is an alphabet book which catalogues inspirational Indian women from A to Z. This book is a compilation of 25 biographies of Indian women who have fought against all odds and hurdles to achieve the unachievable. Each one of them is a role model for future generations. The title of this book is very powerful and the stories are about women from all walks of life. From athletes who have won accolades for India to artists who have won millions of hearts, from businesswoman who chose unconventional fields and broke glass ceilings to women who have served our country, this book is a very inspiring read for kids as well as adults.

The book covers women who belong to different parts of our country with most of them growing up in an era where “do’s and don’ts” for women were written on the wall. They had to fight their way through a patriarchal society and face social stigma, to break into male dominated bastions and carve a name for themselves.

It is really difficult to say that which story or stories were most inspiring, as all of them give a beautiful message. But my daughter and I found mountaineer Arunima Sinha’s story most inspiring. Even after going through a very unfortunate encounter with muggers on a train, in which she lost her leg, she conquered Mt. Everest – the highest summit in the world. So, if she can do it, we too can achieve anything we want in life with sheet grit and determination.

After reading the book till letter W, when I was trying to guess the name of an iconic Indian lady whose name starts with X, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this letter was dedicated to all readers who are extraordinary in their own special unique way. Regardless of one’s gender, caste, religion or status, anyone who is fighting all odds in life (physical, social, economical) and taking risks, fighting stereotypes and working hard to get to their goals or doing whatever they are doing best, is a role model for others to follow.

My ten year old daughter and I have read this book taking turns and we highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling low or defeated in life. Anyone who is fearful of taking that step forward in life which can change their destiny, must read this book for sure. As a mother, I always look forward to telling my daughter stories about people who inspire and this book has helped me do that. It’s short and to-the-point writing style is another plus.

Last but not the least, my daughter and I loved the unique and innovative illustrations done be Anastasia Damani. It has given the book a very special feel and colour.

Just to mention, I won this book in the #YouCanDoIt Contest here on kidsbookcafe.com.

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