Jan 012019
Review: Let’s Play
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Book: Let’s Play

Author: Herve Tullet

Hard Cover

Ages: 2-6 years

Imaginative and a must for kids with lower attention span

My five year old was at a stage where he found reading a bit boring. He would rather hurl a ball around or watch highly animated cartoons. It was then I realized I had to do something quick. If not he may just lose complete interest in reading….oh no!!! I panicked. I picked up this story book and gave it a shot.

My boy first looked at the book and skimmed through its pages. “Na, too boring.” He said after he saw simple white pages with a big round dot on all of them.

I read the title “Let’s Play….Don’t you wanna play?” He nodded his head and we sat all cosy on the sofa.

Let’s Play is a story unlike any I have read before. We have read many. The Author, Herve Tullet is highly imaginative and this did the trick to get him back to realizing that every book has its own fun.

The story begins with the author talking to you and asking if you would like to play. This got my son hooked. I mean which book has that kind of interaction? Not many. There is a long black line and a simple yellow dot. It gives you simple instructions like place you finger on the top right and in the next page the yellow dot moves exactly there to the top right of the page.

“Wow, is it magic.” My boy yelled. He was so excited as if the book was following his actions.

Then the story continues to involve the reader like placed your finger on the black line and follow it in this dark cave. It was like my boy and the book were going on an adventure together.

But the best part was when the book said ‘oh no I am on your head.’ On the same page the yellow dot vanished and my son actually started to believe that the dot moved from the book to the top of his head. He started to rustle his hair and asked me “Mom, is the dot really on my hair?”

We continued to read and he got so engrossed with what the story was asking him to do. It involved a lot of rubbing the dot, pressing and going on roller coaster loops. The story has a lot of reader involvement, funny surprises and hand movement. The book also praises the reader for doing the instructions like Bravo, you did it. That made my child even more interested to continue reading. I would recommend this book for children between 3 to 6 years of age. The words are quite simple and the older kids can even read it easily.

Other story books written by Herve Tullet are Press Here and Mix It Up.

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