Aug 222021
Review: How The Earth Got Its Beauty
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Title: How The Earth Got Its Beauty

Author: Sudha Murthy

Illustrator: Priyanka Pachpande

Publisher: Puffin Books

Type: Hardcover

Age group: I recommend it for 6-8 years

I’m posting this review on behalf of my 8 year old son Bhavik, who adores Sudha Murty’s books.

In this book, there’s a girl. She tells everyone that her name is Devi, but her real identity has a little twist! She wanted to see if humans are doing good on earth and if they wanted anything more. She found three sisters who she felt have everything they needed to lead a happy life but the sisters said they were very bored with their lives.  

To make their life of their own imagination, she gave them an opportunity.   So, will the three sisters be able to make the most of that opportunity to make their life happier? Will the girl be able to make their lives interesting again? Read this book to find out how! 

This book shows how the love and warmth of Mother Earth embraces everyone, while making sure that its beauty and serenity are not muddled and destroyed by people’s desires and greed to own it. Nobody can own Mother Earth’s creations like birds, animals, mountains, stars. In a bid to own more, we often forget to be grateful for what we already have and what nature has already blessed us with. 

It also touches upon the vice that even a little bit of power makes us selfish and greedy.  

This also reinstates that earth is our home and we need to care for it as much as it cares for us. We need to pledge together that we will not pollute air, water, land and protect its beauty the way it is.

A beautifully illustrated page

Devi is my favorite character in the book. She is caring, loving, and extremely powerful. 

The illustrations are vivid and beautiful. They make me want me to go out and enjoy the beauty of mountains, the serenity of rivers, the chirping of birds, and the greenery of trees. 

This story gripped me so much that I wanted the book to go on and not end so soon. The simplicity with which the book is written blows me away and makes me Sudha Ma’am’s fan. 

In my opinion, this book deserves a 10/10! 

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