May 122019
Review: How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear
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Book: How big are your worries little bear?

Author: Jayneen Sanders.

Illustrated by Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Type: Paperback

Age 3-9 years

It is common for children to develop anxiety. Parents play an important role in helping their children manage anxiety.

This book is about how to help children manage and overcome anxiety, stress and fearful situations.

The story is about a little bear who worries about almost everything! Will he be able to do good in school…? Will he be able to kick a goal in soccer match…? Will he be able to sleep alone, just in case there’s a monster under his bed?

How will he be able to tide over these situations?

Finally how the Mamma Bear helps him overcome his anxiety and fear is worth learning from.

Through this book the author delivers a special note to all of us as to how we as parents have to help our kids to overcome such day to day situations.

The book ends with a message that, “It’s okay to make mistakes, as making mistakes is the way to learn.”

The best part of the book is that at the end it also includes discussion questions for parents to help manage children’s anxiety.

I really liked the book and would recommend it to all parents to read it along with their children, discussing the worries and anxieties they face.

Jayneen Sanders is an award winning author and has written many books on educational and sensitive topics like empathy, gender equality, etc.

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