Jul 252023
Review: Grabber
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Title : Grabber
Author : Jehan Zachary & Nirmal Pulickal
Publisher: Puffin
Type : Paperback
Pages : 208 pages
Age Group : 12 years+

Grabber is a compelling story that keeps you on your toes until the end. The book includes extremely descriptive scenes and spectacular illustrations, transporting you to the world of Nuru, a twelve year old boy, who also happens to be our protagonist. 

The book revolves around Nuru, and a mission destined for him, involving ancient kings, sorcerers and magic; ultimately binding him with a prophecy of the terror the future is to bring, to his family, him and also to the people of his village. It is now up to Nuru to find a way to save his people. Quite a heavy duty to set onto the shoulders of a twelve year old boy, but Nuru proves to be more than suitable.

Grabber is based on the ancient historical Indian lore of the black Taj, that Emperor Shah Jahan was said to have built opposite the Taj Mahal. It brings out the tale in a way that you can’t help but want more, adding, mysterious men, sorcerers and evil magic to the mix.

The author of the book, Jehan Zachary, is a twelve year old boy with immense imagination, making a tiny thought into an amazing story. The book also includes striking illustrations, created in a joint effort by his father, Nirmal Pulickal, a well known creative leader and the co founder of the design firm, February. 

Reading this book makes one feel that they too can hone such bizzare magic. With every character having such varying and unique personalities, you can’t help but fall in love with each and every one of them. Every character no matter how big or small, good or evil, is captivating no less. The part of the book which I took fancy to the most is the chapter in which, Mumtaz a djinn, teaches Nuru the ways and incantions of magic. The book has an eerie quality to it along with engaging battles and adventures right throughout so you don’t ever feel like putting it down.

This book is the one best suited, for those who love Indian history and mythology, along with magic, adventure, mystery and some horror.  Reading this will surely transport you into Nuru’s world, tagging you along his journey.

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