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Ooh Ooh! Aah Aah! Sai’s Crazy Thirty!  #kbcbookbingotoddler (2-5 years)
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Thank you so much Asha ji for providing this lovely opportunity to be a part of #KBCBOOKBINGOTODDLER2023. I am glad to write this Book Bingo on behalf of my son Saiprasath who is 3.4 yrs old now. We have a wonderful reading time together. I joined KBC when Sai was 9 months old. His love for books is growing every day. Now, he can read CVC words, knows many publishers and authors and correlates whenever we read and he is able to differentiate chapter books (He says, chapter book means it’s numbered on the top and it has left over space at the end of each story and has many stories) and he enjoys reading them with his elder brother, Hari. The credit for it all goes to KBC. I would like to thank all the KBCians who keeps sharing wonderful recommendations and showering their love and support all the time. We are blessed to be a part of KBC. Hope all of you enjoy reading our listicle!

  1. A yellow-coloured book – Peppa Loves Reading

This is story about Peppa’s family. Peppa and George are reading their books. When they see Daddy and Mummy reading the same book, they get to know why they read the same book and what book club is all about. So, now they decide to read a book with their friends and discuss. What book have they chosen to read? Will Mommy and Daddy be able to read their story fully?

This book reminds us of KBC as we talk about books in KBC and have fun. We sometimes have discussion on some books to get others’ perspectives as well. This is such a lovely book to introduce the concept of Book Club to kids and share the knowledge with others.

2. Leaf or flower on the cover – Two can Toucan by David McKee

This is about a black bird who doesn’t have a name and all the animals make fun of him. So, he leaves the forest and starts to explore the mountain, river and city and so on. On the way, he sees people working and he also tries different jobs. At last, he finds a peaceful job to work on and also gets a name for himself ‘Two can’ and he feels happy to be called by that name. Suddenly, there is a mishap, will he be able to survive his life peacefully and how does he get the name ‘Toucan’ ?

The story explains that there may be people who make fun of others but one has to overcome and act bravely to survive. It’s better to leave the things that are not feasible and try something new and not to be overconfident. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is funny and apt for ‘Toucan’ fans like us.

3. A book with siblings – Slightly Invisible, Lauren Child

This story is about most lovable siblings Charlie and Lola. Lola being the little sister always accompanies Charlie but he wants to have his own time with his friend Marv all by himself. Lola tags along always wherever they both go. She always troubles them. One day, they both invent a magical potion to capture the tricky creatures by going invisible. Now, that magical potion is missing. There comes Loren Sorensen who is an invisible friend of Lola. Will they be able to find tricky creatures with the help of the invisible friend?

This is a lovely story for all the Charlie and Lola fans. The story is so relatable with the siblings who get annoyed by each other and always want to have their own time. The illustrations are brilliant and we really enjoyed looking for the invisible Loren Sorensen on every page.

4. A book that features mom – Hugh’s Blue Day, written by Karen Hodgson and illustrated by Ross Collins

This is a story about Hugh who has an irritable day and he doesn’t like anything at all. His mum suggests that they can have a blue day and she dresses Hugh in blue color and makes him wear blue shoes, travels in blue bus, gives him blue eatables for lunch and everything blue. Will Hugh enjoy this blue day and overcome his blues?

This story is a rhyming story about a mom and her son and how she handles her son’s bad mood and helps him calm down.
This book can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

5. A book that features dad – Raj and the BEST HOLIDAY EVER! a Raj & Dad Adventure, by Seb Brown

This is a story of Raj and his dad going on a holiday and how Raj is excited to pack things for camping along with his dad. While traveling, Raj keeps questioning, “Are we there yet?”! This is exactly what Sai does too! Finally, they reached the camping area. Both of them think that this is going to be the best holiday ever but things are not going as well as planned. Is there anyone to help Raj and his dad while they’re camping? Is this the best trip they have ever had?

The story is written very nicely and also depicts how little ones are excited while going out and how they feel when they cannot be happy with the things that go wrong. It also teaches that we can seek help from others in unusual circumstances especially when we are visiting a new place.

6. A bedtime book – 10, 9, 8… Owls up late! written by Georgiana Deutsch and illustrated by Ekaterina Trukhan

Ten little Owls are happily playing in a tree – hooting, hopping, singing, dancing… Mommy Owl calls everyone for bedtime but none of them are ready and keep playing. As daylight dawns upon them, one by one they all fall asleep and cuddle together to have a lovely day.

This book is written in rhyme with bright illustrations and has peep through holes which makes reading more fun. Sai enjoys it and also counts the owls on every page. He loves to say the numbers in descending order while we read! This is a perfect bedtime story for our wide awakening Little Owls.

7. Lift the flap book – The Wonder Machine, written by Barry Timms and illustrated by Laura Brenlla

Wolf is very clever and she invents machines of all kinds like washing, apple picking and so on. She finds a book in her shelf which explains about the wonder machine that does wonders. So, Wolf starts working on it. She lacks few things in her workshop to build the machine so she goes to work and gathers all the necessary things. Will Wolf be happy with her invention or is she missing something?

This book conveys the importance of sharing the knowledge and also about making friends. The book has few lift-the-flaps which makes it quite interesting to read. We love the text, written in rhyme about the wonder machine and also enjoy singing while reading it.

8. A cat book – Mr. Mistoffelees: The Conjuring Cat, written by T.S.Eliot and illustrated by Arthur Robbins

Mr. Mistoffelees is the conjuring cat whose inventions are amazing and his performances are loved by all. The most famous magicians also wonder about his magic and have to learn from him. He’s an expert in all sorts of magic with rings, playing cards, dice. Have you ever seen a cat like Mr. Mistoffelees?

We love Mr. Mistoffelees a lot. The story is written in rhyme and the illustrations are really super magical and whenever we read, we have a laughter riot looking at all the magic he does. Sai giggles whenever I read ‘Prestidigitation’ (Our whole family tries to pronounce it and have fun. I bet you to try it and have you got it right the very first time?) and sees how my tongue is twisting and he says back also. This book is Purr-fect for all the cat lovers.

9. A book by Debi Gliori – Side by Side, written by Debi Gliori and illustrated by Rachel Bright

Little Mouseling wants to play and be with her siblings but being the smallest, she’s always left out. She goes on searching for a friend and meets different creatures in Wintermouse Wood. Will she be able to find her friend who can be by her side at all times?

This is a heartwarming story with rhyming text and wonderful illustrations based on friendship and how to overcome shyness.

10. A book on first experiences – Eric makes a splash, written and illustrated by Emily MacKenzie

Eric worries about everything but he is lucky to have a brave friend Flora who always helps Eric to try out new things. One day, there is an invite for the swimming party. As usual, Eric is worried about the pool by thinking about getting wet and what if he drowns! How is Eric going to equip himself to get into the swimming pool and have fun? 

This story conveys that how one can try new things bravely and that we all need a lovely friend to motivate us!
All books by Emily MacKenzie are amazing.

11. A book that makes you giggle – Hippobottymus, written by Steve Smallman and illustrated by Ada Grey

A mouse is sitting nearby a stream and it starts to squeak on seeing the bubbles forming over the stream and it sings a song ‘Squeak, squeak, bubble, bubble’. Listening to the mouse, a little bird, monkey, warthog and other animals join in and they all enjoy singing and dancing and having so much fun in the jungle. The mouse is delighted and thanks the animals but it is not aware that it’s actually the hippo who started all this. What magic did hippo do in this musical band?

Sai’s keeps singing his favourite line

“Warthog says,
BOOM-BA-DA-BOOM-BOOM! Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

This is such a hilarious story with repeated onomatopoeic words that makes us giggle whenever we read it. The end is super funny which makes you laugh out loud.

12. A book on big emotions – Sweep, written by Louise Greig and illustrated by Júlia Sardà

Ed is in a bad mood and it begins as a small thing but it is growing. He sweeps by looking down and forgets to see what is happening above because his bad mood stays with him. Now, his bad mood impacted not only him but the whole town. Ed could not keep his bad mood only to himself. Now, suddenly the wind is blowing. Will Ed’s bad mood be swept away?

This book teaches how bad mood affects oneself and how it makes us ignore the happiness around us. The bad mood is beautifully represented with fallen leaves and how it can be swept away and let you breathe in some fresh air. This also teaches how one can control his/her bad mood by diverting their mind to see other activities.

Sai loves this book because of the beautifully illustrated elements like bus, train, giant wheel, roller coaster, flying kites, hot-air balloons. He’s able to relate how fallen leaves can create so much mess and affects the traffic, people, birds & animals in their regular lives.

13. A book that was helpful in addressing an issue – Angry Arthur, written by Hiawyn Oram and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura

Arthur wants to watch TV but his mother says no and asks him to go to bed. This makes him angry. His anger is bursting out and creates thunder, lightning and hailstones. His mother says it’s enough but his anger becomes a hurricane and his dad suggests it’s enough. Everyone in the family requests him to control it but it creates all sorts of unbearable calamities and affects the Earth and the whole Universe. When will Arthur’s anger go away?

This book teaches us how anger affects not only the person but also everyone in the family and how it impacts all the things at home. In the meanwhile, we get settled and may forget where it all started. This book is for all of us who sail through this scenario.

Sai and myself discuss and say, “Do you remember where it all started but I don’t?” and laugh together later. Whenever there is a burst out, we say, “We should not behave like Angry Arthur” and control ourselves.

14. A book you love for the illustrations – Wonder Walkers, by Micha Archer

This is story about a girl and a boy who goes on a wonder walk. As they walk along, they explore rivers, mountains, forests and so on. They ask questions and compare the beauty of the nature. This story is written in poetic way with gorgeous illustrations which makes you fall in love with the book again and again.

Sai loves this book a lot as the story is based on nature and whenever I open the trees page, he says,

“Are trees the sky’s legs?”
Are shells the shore’s necklace?
Is the ocean the world’s bath?

This is a lovely book to introduce art and poetry to kids and also how to admire the nature’s beauty.

15. A book by an Indian author – Mambi and The Forest Fire, written by Nandana Dev Sen and illustrated by Saskia Pekelharing

Mambi is a little monkey who is quiet and shy, lives in the mango tree. There is a crow named Koko, also living in the same tree. In the nearby pond, a turtle named Tonga lives. Mambi feels bad that she cannot fly like the crow or swim like the turtle. One day, there is a forest fire and all the animals are in danger. Will Mambi be able to save her friends bravely?

This is a beautiful story which emphasizes that never ever compare ourselves with what others have got because everyone is unique. As everyone is gifted, always stay strong, feel special and appreciate the talent.

16.  A book that has food in the title – Oliver’s Fruit Salad, written by Vivian French and illustrated by Alison Bartlett

Oliver is back from his grandparents’ place. While eating breakfast, he says that he helped grandpa to pick apples from the tree. When momma gives him blackcurrant juice, he says that he plucked it fresh from the garden and he keeps saying that he got everything fresh right from the garden. So, his mom decides to take him supermarket and buys all the fruits. Now, Oliver has grandparents at his home. Will Oliver be convinced with the fruits they have bought from the supermarket or is something awaiting there for him?

This is a really wonderful story to introduce a variety of fruits to kids and encourage them to eat as well to stay healthy. We could see Oliver in my kids who keep asking why some fruits and vegetables are tasty at grandparents’ place and not in our place!

We loved reading another book in this category – Let’s read and find out science – What happens to a Hamburger? This book explains how food is digested through several processes and which body parts are involved in the digestion. It also shows how chewing is important as it is the first step to aid digestion with beautiful illustrations. It helps kids know the importance of chewing food.

17. A book with a stuffed animal – That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown, written by Cressida Cowell and illustrated by Neal Layton

Emily Brown has a soft toy rabbit named Stanley. They both go together wherever they go. While going to Sahara Desert, they hear a ‘Rat-a-tat-tat’ at the garden door. It’s a Captain from the Army who asks Emily Brown to give her rabbit for Queen Gloriana and says in return, she gets a new golden teddy bear. Emily Brown refuses to give her beloved Stanley. The Queen sends Navy and Air Force to convince her but Emily Brown doesn’t relent. One day, when she wakes up, Stanley is missing. Emily Brown gets furious and goes to the palace. Will Emily Brown gets her Stanley back?

This book teaches that we should not desire to own other’s things for ourselves. Some things cannot be shared with others. This book also shows the love for soft toys!

Sai loves this story very much because of the ‘Rat-a-tat-tat’ sound at Emily’s door each time and the beautiful illustrations which covers all the three forces – Army, Navy and Air Force along with the depiction of famous places like The Great Barrier Reef, Sahara Desert,  Amazon Rainforest and Milky Way Galaxy.

18. A book about a day out with family – The Dinosaur Department Store, written by Lily Murray and and illustrated by Richard Merritt

Eliza Jane celebrates her 4th birthday and her parents had planned to gift her rabbit or dog or any animal to have as a pet but she is not interested and all she wants to have is a Dinosaur. So, her parents take her to the only ‘Dinosaurs Department Store’. The shop owner, Mr. Magisaurus, is pleased to have Eliza’s family in his shop and takes them to a magical tour where they spend their day looking at different kinds of dinosaurs – some are roaring loudly, some are squawking, some are having their food and some are having fun. Then, they come to the end of the tour and Mr. Magisaurus asks Eliza’s choice of dinosaur to take home. Will Eliza be interested to take any of the dinosaurs home?

This book is perfect for a dinosaur lovers. Sai loved spotting some of the dinosaurs – Spinosaurus, T-rex, Diplodocus and Raptors. This is fun-filled story written in rhyme with colorful dinosaurs throughout the story. We have definitely enjoyed this marvelous tour.

19. A book that teaches an important lesson – Augustus and his Smile, by Catherine Rayner

Augustus, the tiger is sad and lost his smile. He goes on searching for his smile everywhere – creeping on bushes, climbing on trees and mountains, explore the ocean and the desert… Will he be able to find his smile back?

This book is beautifully illustrated and conveys a lovely message that being happy all lies within you that makes you smile which is contagious and the mind reflects it, so be happy and smile wide. At the end of this book, there is a note mentioning how Amur tigers, the biggest of the tiger family are becoming endangered because of poaching and how some people have saved them from being extinct.

20. Grown up’s favourite book in the house – Included: A book for all children about inclusion, diversity, disability, equality and empathy, written by Jayneen Sanders and illustrated by Camila Carrossine 

This book is compilation of stories of six special children. Sam who has cerebral palsy and his arm and leg muscles are not stronger like others. Rishi who is autistic, has her own way of understanding the world. Jay who is a deaf, he communicates with everyone in his sign language. Audrey who has Down Syndrome, faces difficulty in understanding and takes more time to learn new things. Ty who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Disorder, is blessed with super active brain and body and finds difficulty to focus on. Zara who has limb difference by birth, feels confident now with the help of prosthetic legs and blades and wants to be in Paralympics.

This book explains that all the special children want to be INCLUDED wherever they are as they also have dreams and hopes like everyone. It’s our duty to provide a safe environment for them by being empathetic, lovable, kind and most importantly include them and respect their choices. 

This book needs to be included in everyone’s library.

Being different is okay. We are all different in our own special way.
Because everyone everywhere wants to be included.
And everyone everywhere wants to belong.

21. A hand-me down book you are attached to – Snowboy and the last standing tree, written by Hiawyn Oran and illustrated by Birgitta Sif

Snowboy and his ice troopers are following a Greenback boy who teaches him new game of cutting trees and earning KA-CHING (money) by selling it. Snowboy cuts the trees but he leaves a tree thinking that it would help him. Then, Greenback boy suggests to go for fishing and catch all the fish but Snowboy throws two fish back into the sea. Now, there is a storm, all the KA-CHING falls into the ocean because there is no tree to block the wind. Snowboy leaves Greenbackboy saying that he cannot eat or breathe KA-CHING. He along with his ice troopers are back to their place. Will Greenbackboy learn a lesson that he needs environment to live in,and not the KA-CHING?

This story conveys that how cutting trees affect the nature and causes harm to our lives and also emphasizes that one should not be greedy and has to save for the future and always think twice before doing anything and not to follow others blindly to have a peaceful and happy life.

22. A book you tore – The Tiny Chef and da mishing weshipee blook, by Rachel Larsen, Adam Reid and Ozi Akturk

Every year, in the Autumn, the Tiny Chef makes delicious Blegaful Mie. Now his favourite recipe book is lost. He goes on searching for it everywhere around the house but couldn’t find it. He is frustrated now. What is the Tiny Chef going to prepare this season? Will he be feeling happy with the new recipe he’s trying out? Where does he kept his book?

This is a beautiful book that teaches magic happens when you go with the flow, not to panic and best things always come from the heart. And most importantly it conveys how to reduce tantrum by counting down from ten to one and also by taking deep breath.

23. A book you have carried to bed and slept with – Little Monkey, by Marta Altes

Little Monkey loves the jungle but her only problem is being little, she’s always left out. So, she decides to be brave and goes on an adventure. She faces hurdles but she never gives up. While going, she sees little creatures doing the most amazing things and this motivates her to climb the tallest tree. How does she get back to the ever-loving jungle and join her troop?

This story teaches us that size does not decide bravery and also not to give up because the smaller you are, the larger the adventure can be.

24. A book written in rhyme (not nursery rhymes) – Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, written by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Jonny Lambert

This is about chameleon who troubles other animals – Toucan, Orangutan, Elephant and some more with his camouflaging techniques. The animals get annoyed but they don’t know who’s doing all this. The frog who sees the chameleon’s naughtiness, wants to teach him a lesson that it’s not funny to prank others. Will the frog be able to succeed?

This story is written in rhyme and the illustrations are mind-blowing. We loved looking at the camouflaged chameleon and frog on each page. The story conveys an important message that it’s easy to tease others and have fun but you realize how hard it is only if you get hurt the same way. Also, that you have to be sorry for making a mistake.

25. A book your grandparent read to you – Katie and the Mona Lisa, by James Mayhew

Katie and her grandmother go to the art gallery where she sees Mona Lisa’s picture and loves her smile. When Mona Lisa is not feeling happy, Katie and her go on an adventure to bring back her smile. This book is really great to introduce art to kids through the world’s famous paintings. The story is lovely with beautiful illustrations of Prince, Princess, flying lion, dragon and Angel which makes Sai want to read it again and again.

Sai loves Mona Lisa so much and wherever we see her picture, he smiles and says, “Mona Lisa is here”. 

26. A book that has food stains on it – Hole in the Zoo, by Chloë and Mick Inkpen

In the garden of Upalongdownalong Avenue at Number 2, there is a hole in the wall at that belongs to the zoo. So, animals come through it everyday and have fun with children at home. One day, the zookeeper arrives at Number 2 and sends all the animals back to the zoo. Next day, the kids eagerly wait for the animals near the hole. How will the kids have fun without the zoo animals and what happens next?

This story is written in rhyme and the illustrations are so beautiful. On every page it’s enchanting to see an animal peeking through the hole in the zoo. We had so much fun counting the animals and learning weekdays along with the story.

27. A book given to you so mom/dad could have tea in peace! – Kurinji / குறிஞ்சி – A Montessori Nature Book about the Mountain Ecosystem (Tamil Board Book with Large Flaps ), written by Monica Monikantarajan and illustrated by Nirupama Viswanath

This story is written in our mother tongue Tamil. It is based on Kurinji, the environment around a mountain and the nearby land. This story explains about the vegetation and animals live in with minimal text and beautiful illustrations.

This board book has lift-the-flaps which makes Sai engage himself. He plays with it and forms different shapes by folding it and have fun for some time. This is definitely a lovely book for nature lovers like us. 

28. A book by Wonder House – Colors, by Farzana Sarup

This book is all about colors and explains what are the primary colors and how secondary colors are formed. The story is written in rhyme with bright and colorful illustrations. Each color is beautifully illustrated with children’s favourite elements like fruits, vegetables, vehicles, animals, etc. There are questions based on each color and it makes interactive while reading. 

29. A book you gift often – Little Ellen, written by Ellen DeGeneres and illustrated by Eleanor Michalka

This story is written by the famous comedian, host and actress Ellen DeGeneres based on her show ‘The Ellen Show’. This is a super inspiring story of Little Ellen who teaches how one can be oneself by being kind, empathetic and generous through one’s actions.

The story is simple with lovely illustrations and conveys a powerful message – Do what your heart says, care for others, be kind, make others laugh, shower love and win so many hearts… Most importantly, being yourself is what makes you, you.

Sai loves how Little Ellen is kind, plays peekaboo, offers her hat when she sees a child crying and makes her smile. He really loves the part when she offers a watermelon to cat.

30. A book you got from KBC recommendations – The World Needs More Purple People, written by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart, illustrated by Daniel Wiseman

Penny Purple, the protagonist loves purple as it’s a magical color. She says that a purple person asks so many questions. So, she guides us on how to become a purple person by providing step by step instructions in a hilarious way through her life. This is a wonderful book with purple colored illustrations throughout and it conveys a powerful message – how to become a purple person by being yourself, kind, curious, by working hard and laughing out loud, voicing out your opinions and listening to others.

Sai keeps saying that purple people ask a lot of questions, they talk openly, are kind to others and laugh a lot.

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you have added some books to your wishlist! Happy Reading everyone!

ADDED BY ASHA: Many thanks to the editorial team for editing this truly wonderful listicle that includes many unique books!

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