Jun 132022
Mahi’s Marvelous Thirty…!!! #kbcBookBingoJr (3-6 years)
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This is the first book bingo we are participating in, and thanks to KBC we had a lot of books to choose from. We had a lot going on during the book bingo period, but choosing the appropriate books for each prompt and reading them together has been a stress buster for both of us. We had so much fun doing it! So, here goes our list of 30 books.

  1. A green colored bookThe Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles

This green colored book, from front to back has beautiful illustrations! A crocodile who is mean and selfish becomes a loving and joyous friend just because of one single act of kindness shown to him. This story tells us that we can still choose to be kind to someone even though they may not be at their best behaviour.

2. A book with a Penguin characterWhere Is Home, Little Pip by Karma Wilson

Pip, the penguin wanders too far from home and loses her way. She sets off on her way back home, and meets other snowy animals along the way. through the story we learn a lot about the habitat of these animals and their way of living. She finally finds her parents and learns that home is not about a particular place, but it is where ever one’s loved ones are!

3. A Tom Percival bookTilda Tries Again

We all sometimes feel that our world has turned upside down, because of someone or something and feel that we will not be normal again. Tilda feels the same way, her world is upside down and she is not able to do anything that she was usually able to do. When she sees a ladybird stuck on its back, how it never gave up, how it tried and tried till it finally flew away, she tries to do the same. Her world started slowly to become normal again. Through this story we realised that it is okay to not be okay, and that all we have to do it is to try again, if nothing works then just try some more!

4. A book with siblingsCharlie and Lola: I Will Not ever never eat a tomato by Lauren Child

This book is perfect for a child who is a fussy eater. Lola is a very fussy eater and she doesn’t like to eat any vegetable, fruit or meat and absolutely not a tomato! Her brother, Charlie, has a few tricks up his sleeve to make her eat all the things, and she ends up eating even a tomato! This is one of Mahi’s favorite books!

5. A book about school – All are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

This book highlights the fact that all are welcome in school, no matter what your race is, where you come from or what you wear. A school is the place where most of one’s childhood is spent. When a school becomes a safe place for a child, the world will become a better place when they grow up. A wonderful, touching book on inclusiveness in school with beautiful illustrations.

6. A rib-tickling book Ladybird Tales: Chicken Licken by Vera Southgate

Join Chicken Licken in her journey in this very funny book, as she meets other fowls to inform the King that the Sky is falling down, because an acorn fell on her head. The rhyming names of the fowls make us laugh every time we read the book. We have the habit of reading this book fast, as it makes us read the names wrong which makes it even funnier! The story very nicely and hilariously conveys the meaning of the idiom, “the sky is falling down”.

7. A book by an Indian author – Aai and I by Mamta Nainy Illustrated by Sanket Pethkar

This story explains, without explanation, the changes one goes through when they are sick and how the love always remains the same no matter what happens. I got goosebumps when I first read the book and this book is forever etched in my heart. I think I shall cherish this book forever. A perfect book to read when the child has a loved one who is going through physical changes due to sickness.

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8. An award-winning book The Invisible Boy by Trust Ludwig and Patrice Barton (Winner of the 2014 IRA Teacher’s Choice Award)

Brian is an Invisible boy in his classroom because he is different and quieter than others. Even the teacher tends to ignore him as she has a hard time managing the other kids in the class. He does not get invited for birthday parties and never get picked for teams. But all this changes when a new, kind kid comes along, who sees Brian and his discomfort. Slowly things change for him and he starts to shine and feel better.

9. A book with a female protagonist Princess Truly: I am a Super Girl by Kelly Greenwalt

Princess Truly is a super girl with Rainbow power. She has a companion, the super Pug, Sir Noodles. When a birthday party for Ms. Waffles gets ruined, Princess Truly saves the day. This book teaches that bravery is not in the cape that is worn or in the magic they have, but it comes from the heart.

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10. A book that breaks gender stereotypes – I am a Real Boy by Clayton Koh

When a boy cries, he is sometimes called a girl. A boy is expected to be tough and rough by the society. There is almost never pink colour clothes for boys or in floral patterns. Is a boy a REAL boy, if he cooks or cries or wears a pink shirt or when he is displays emotions? Of course he is. One being oneself is what really matters and this scholastic book explains it all so well.

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11. A Scholastic bookMiss Lee and the Mosquito by Maria L Denjongpa

A mosquito’s buzz can be very annoying when you are trying to sleep. It was the same for Miss Lee, too. She went to Sikkim to visit a friend, and there was a mosquito who really irritated her every night. She tries many tricks but nothing works. This is a fun scholastic book to read and a great way to talk about Buddhism and kindness towards all living beings to kids.

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12. A Zayn & Zoey bookRainwater Harvesting with Zayn & Zoey

In this book, we learn all about rainwater harvesting with Zayn and Zoey. We learn about the different ways that rainwater can be collected and how the water filtration works, how the rainwater is stored, and how the stored water can be used for different purposes.

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13. A non-fiction book/encyclopedia Usborne How Your Body Works by Judy Hindley

An awesome book to know all about how our body works, from how we breathe, why we feel pain to how our brain keeps account of memory of everything. The beauty of this book is that it explains how things work in a factual way. It is perfect for little curious minds who keep asking several questions! It also has a page to explain the private parts of boys and girls plus how babies are made.

14. A mystery/adventure bookDanny the Duck with No Quack by Malachy Doyle

Danny the duck, who couldn’t quack sets off on an adventure to find his quack. He meets some fox on the way and they request Danny to help them with their lunch. Does Danny become their lunch or is he able to find his quack? Read the book to find out. The story teaches us to never be afraid to say NO.

15. A book on space/solar systemThe Super Smelly Alien by Nicky Lander

Alvin the alien loves smelly things and his friends are jimpy, jumpy flies. He gets bored of the mouldy Moon and goes on a trip in his supersonic ship to find new friends and a new place to play. But not everyone likes his smelly gang of friends and stinky games, so he goes to to find a planet where he feels welcome.

16. A book on any festival Firefly Plus! Festivals (An Activity-based book)
This book includes all possible Indian festivals and national days. Every festival explained on this book has two pages. On one page, it has few lines about why and how the festivals are celebrated along with a simply wow fact. In the adjacent page, it has an activity related to that festival.

17. A book about a place in IndiaAmma, Take me to the Golden Temple by Bhakti Mathur

One of the books in the “Amma, take me to the” series. In this book, we travel to the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar, with Shiv, Veer and her mother and walk along the temple while learning all about the temple, Guru Nanak and his teachings, that there is only one true God.

18. A book that talks about foodFunny Lunch by David Catrow

Max the dog, no wait, Max the chef, comes from a great line of family of chefs, and owns a restaurant! He serves funny lunches there. This is a simple, yet hilarious, book.

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19. A bilingual bookA sweet Sack, part of eduvate Tamil combo books

It is a very small 10 page book that is usually sold as a combo set along with other books. Elephant and his friends find a sack, full of sweets. They start fighting on who will eat the sweets, but when a clever wolf comes their way with a plan to eat all the sweets by himself, they come together and scare the wolf away. Will they finally share their sweets?

20. An inspiring bookAlmost Anything by Sophy Henn

This book is just amazing and it steals your heart with its beautiful illustrations and the way the story is told. It talks about little George who thinks he can’t do anything. After some wisdom and encouragement from a smart bear, he tries to do several different things. The story teaches us how the magic is always within us, and how one can do almost anything, if one just gives it a try. This book is a must have for anyone who finds it difficult to try new things.

21. A book by your favorite illustratorSuperkid by Claire Freedman, Illustrated by Sarah Mclntyre

We have three books illustrated by Sarah McIntyre and she is our favorite illustrator so far. The illustrations in this book particularly, are colorful and it has many hidden details. Every time we read it, Mahi always finds some new part of the illustration to talk about, the toys in the shelf, the hidden super cat, the plants in the pots and the list goes on. Who doesn’t like a super hero, but where do you find them? There is a super hero in all of us. Anyone who protects us from bullies, who helps us finish our broccoli, who helps to tidy our room, all of them are our super heroes. So buckle up, a super kid / hero might be sitting right next to us.

22. A book by your favorite author Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt

This is yet another rhyming treat from Julia Donaldson with Nick Sharratt’s charming illustrations. If you love to sing aloud, then this is a perfect book for you and your child. More rhymes equals more fun, so wriggle and roar.

23. A new author you were introduced toSpend It! By Cinders Mcleod

A great book to introduce the concept of money in a simple way to little children. Carrots are money in bunny land. Sonny wants to buy everything with his allowance, but that can’t happen because he gets only 3 carrots as allowance. He learns that he cant buy everything and decides what he really wants with the help of his mother and becomes a smart spender.

24. A book that helped address an issue I Won’t Go With Strangers by Dagmar Geisler

Mahi is extremely outgoing child who has never been afraid or shy to talk to or play with a new person. It is a good thing in general, but what about when he wants to go and play with a stranger at their house, who he met just minutes ago? With schools reopening, we were concerned for his safety. But, how do you explain not to talk to or go with a stranger without making him scared..? This book came to the rescue. It helps them to think for themselves, why they shouldn’t go with everyone they know.

25. A book on potty humorThe Dinosaur that Pooped the Past by Tom Fletcher

This is a poop joke book with a time travel element! What more can you ask for in a book! Laugh out loud while reading and as a bonus, it even has a thing or two about volcanoes! I am sure you will love Dino Dudes A, B and C!

26. An interactive book with an unconventional formatTelling the time On the Farm by Brown Watson

What happens on the farm everyday at each hour? Learn it by moving the hands of the clock to the exact time. A great book to introduce time and teach how to tell the time, along with teaching about farm life.

27. A picture book with more than 40 pages There’s a monster under my bed and other terrible terrors by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi and Snigdha Rao

This book addresses many nightmares of a child including going to the doctor, getting a haircut or going on an elevator. It provides an alternate point of view to look at. The illustrations might be little scary for some children, though. Initially Mahi didn’t want to read it, since the monsters in the book resembled the ones in his dreams. But, eventually when we did manage to read the book, he absolutely loved it.

28. A hook book (by Duckbill) – Kitten Trouble by Bijal Vachharajani, Illustrated by Rajiv Eipe

Wow! This was Mahi’s reaction when we finished reading this book. I bought this specially for our book bingo! This is a story about a girl who doesn’t usually like any four legged beings and about a lost cat who her mother brings home from the street. They eventually find warmth in each other during a storm and grow to love each other. You can read a detailed review of the book HERE.

29. A book on being eco-friendlyStar Rewards: The Children’s book of green habits by Sophie Giles and Kate Davies

I was looking for a book on the importance of water and found this one. It is not all about saving water alone, but about having a green habit in everything you do. Using sustainable energy, following the three Rs (reduce, re-use and recycle), not littering on the roads and so on. It comes with stickers for each page and a reward chart, which are hit with Mahi. The joy he gets when he receives a star and the pride I feel when I finally see him being eco-friendly, is overwhelming. A great great book!

30. A book that was gifted to youThe World of Insects with Zayn and Zoey

We received this book as a prize from KBC during the ZandZSummerLaunch Contest. This book is a real treat for creepy crawly lovers. It is full of fun facts about insects and their life cycle. It explains how insects go through complete metamorphosis and incomplete metamorphosis. There are fun facts about interesting insects like monarch butterflies and bumble bees too.

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