Aug 052023
Kalabati and a whole lot of cricket! [Review]
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Author: MOTI NANDY/ Translated by: Arunava Sinha
Publisher: Scholastic India
Type: Paperback
Pages: 128 pages
Recommended Age: 8-12 years

Chak De! Kalabati

I’m posting this review on behalf of my 10 year old daughter, Lakshana.

The book is about a determined and talented girl Kalabati, who tries every way you can think of in order to achieve what she wants. Kalabati is very fond of sports and is a pro in Cricket. Cricket runs in her family – the first generation of cricket player being her grandfather Rajshekhar, the then zamindar of Atghara

Village. Atghara and the nearby village Bakdighi would play cricket against each other every year.

The story plot unveils when 74 year old Rajshekhar declares that he will play cricket this year. He further adds that this time three generation of their family – Rajshekhar, Satyashekhar (Rajshekhar’s second son) and Kalabati will play and create a record. But how it is possible to add Kalabati in an all male cricket team? Although there is no such rule that the cricket team has to be all-male and women cannot play, Rajshekhar worries that someone might object to Kalabati’s inclusion in the team. But guess what? As usual, Kalabati seemed to be prepared in case something happens. To know what trick she used to be included in the team you need to read the book!

I got to learn many new things after reading this book. I am more knowledgeable in cricket terminologies now than before. Reading this book was nothing short of watching an IPL match especially the last chapter which is titled ‘As exciting as the Melbourne tied Test’. This book is definitely recommended to those who love cricket. Each situation in the story is compared to cricket terms like how cauliflower barfi was compared to leg glance. You get to see cricket language in each and every chapter. Through this book, Moti Nandy has beautifully narrated this piece of fiction using the theme of cricket. Arunava Sinha has translated this very nicely in English and you don’t even feel the need of having illustrations in the book! He has picturized this so well through his words. Cricket enthusiast or not – I will suggest to get this book and you will not be disappointed.

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Disclaimer: Roshna and her daughter Lakshana, are a part of the #kbcReviewerSquad and received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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