Jun 302019
Inspiration is everywhere. #YouCanDoIt
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This is a wonderful opportunity to turn inward and light the lamp again, which has inspired us to bring a change in us. Thank you Kids Book Café for this opportunity through the #YouCanDoIt Contest.

As my daughter is too small to understand and tell what is inspiring her, I thought instead of her, I should pen down what has inspired me. Two incidents I wanted to mention here. 

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere!

One, the very first person who inspired me was Mahatma Gandhiji. It was in High School (8th Grade) when there was a lesson on Gandhiji – ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ wherein glimpses of his autobiography was given. His determination to tell the truth and other things had inspired me so much that, I felt when he can do, I too can do.

From that day onwards, I started speaking truth no matter what. Whenever the situation demands for not revealing the truth, I remain quiet or change the topic. This is one character which I got inspired by and happy to adopt in me. 

And the second. The latest inspiration is from my cat,” Minnu” – we recently rescued and adopted. The cat struggled a lot to stay alive. Twice there was a situation where we almost lost her. She has a strong ‘Never Give up’ attitude. Whether it’s the struggle to live with all her health issues or learning to jump, climb, eat anything… she just won’t give up. She will keep trying. “No, Never, Not, impossible” is not there in her cat dictionary. 

Both my husband and I are truly inspired by her. When a small animal is not ready to give up, why should we? Why do we give up on things so easily? Accepting that we can’t do this or that because we don’t have time or for any other reason. 

There are many incidents, situations, people and thing that have inspired and motivated me. But these two, I wanted to mention. 

Thank you once again. 

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