Jun 152021
Engaging Books To Make ‘Brushing Your Teeth Time’ Super Fun!
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Very often we get a #kbcQuery on fun books that will encourage kids to brush their teeth. If you’ve been a toddler/pre-schooler parent you know what a task that can be sometimes! Brushing together at night, or singing songs like, “This is the way we brush our teeth…” help to a certain extent. But engaging books usually win.

We’ve curated a list of books of books apt for TODDLERS & PRE-SCHOOLERS (1-6 years) recommended by our kbc members in a similar query post by dear Neha Arora in our helpful facebook group.

pc: Divya

Pepper Brushes his Teeth (many members have this!)

Bubbles Has A Toothache

Smile, Crocodile, Smile for 2.5 years+. Arulsaranya recommends this book. In her words:

Clarabella, the crocodile and her friends live in a mango tree house and they start their day with brushing their teeth. Everybody finishes brushing, but Clarabella has a problem because she has so many teeth.. What do the friends do to help her, find out more in the book.. and be ready for some laughing .. 😊

My Pet Dinosaur Won’t Brush His Teeth (kindle edition)

Brush Your Teeth (kindle edition)

Blue Bear & The Hole In The Tooth (kindle edition)

Tiger’s Toothbrush (many members have recommended this)

Let’s Brush Our Teeth! (Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) – 16 pages

Teeth Brushing Reward Coloring Book

Brush Your Teeth: A Fun Coloring Book For Kids

Brushing My Teeth! (DK Sticker Reward Books)

Hey Duggee: The Tooth Brushing Badge

Totie at Camp Brushies (kindle edition)

How to Brush Your Teeth with Snappy Croc

Caillou: I Can Brush My Teeth (works for young toddlers like magic)

Jock The Crock Brushes His Teeth

The Crocodile & The Dentist comes highly recommended by Divya.

This book is helping us … my son wanted to brush his teeth when were reading it at noon… and always wants us to read it again and again ….

Brush, Brush, Brush! (rookie toddler series)

Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist (2-5 years) – Topsy and Tim books are perfect for first experiences and address all issues toddlers/pre-schoolers face. The simple language and positive messages help kids overcome their fears and encourage the desired action. In this case, to brush your teeth!!

Max Your Health (The Me And We series) – While this book is on general hygiene it comes highly recommended for kids giving a tough time on the routine things like taking a bath, brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.

Usborne: Lift-The-Flap – Very First Questions and Answers: Why Should I Brush My Teeth? (This comes highly highly recommended for curious kids who love asking questions, who are into Usborne books and enjoy non fiction 🙂

Reena Chopra shared this poem by made her nephews on brushing fun.

Brush brushBrush your teeth
Brush them everyday…
Brushing is fun
Brushing is fun
Brushing is sooooo much fun😬😬

Nikita Bhutani recommends the Elmo Brushing Song (which actually helped Neha!).

Thank you dear Divya, Vandana, Nimisha Kantharia, Reena Chopra, Nikita Bhutani, Fatima, for contributing to recommendations on this curated list.

Shout-out to our 14yo Intern-In-Residence (Aarini – The Chief Childoo) for posting this.

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