Aug 052023

Kalabati and a whole lot of cricket! [Review]

Book Title: KALABATI, THE SHOWSTOPPERAuthor: MOTI NANDY/ Translated by: Arunava SinhaPublisher: Scholastic IndiaType: PaperbackPages: 128 pagesRecommended Age: 8-12 years Chak De! Kalabati I’m posting this review on behalf of my 10 year old daughter, Lakshana. The book is about a determined…Continue Reading

Jul 252023

Review: Grabber

Grabber is based on the ancient historical Indian lore of the black Taj, that Emperor Shah Jahan was said to have built opposite the Taj Mahal. The book revolves around Nuru, and a mission destined for him, involving ancient kings, sorcerers and magic;