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Books That Helped Us Sail Through Tantrums And Meltdowns! (3-6 years)
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Dealing with the tiring threes and fearsome fours wouldn’t have been easy if it weren’t for these books. Books can work like magic. I have felt this working with my boys all the time. I wanted to share our favourite books of the last one year which have made us smile and sail through all tantrums and meltdowns.

Ravi’s Roar by Tom Percival – A very ideal book for handling the bubbling anger in the little ones! Ravi grows fur and stripes, like a tiger, when he gets angry. But he realises being angry means being alone. Wonderful illustrations, this book works so well for angry lil munchkins!

All of Tom Percival’s books on BIG BRIGHT FEELINGS are very helpful.

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival – Just because they are little doesn’t mean they don’t have worries. The way to handle these are to not worry about it, but to talk about it! Ruby and her worry have helped us talk about ours.

Worries Go Away! by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish – Many of the little ones shut themselves down when they worry and they tend to find a place in their head. This book tells them that the key is right there, just turn it on and you will find all your loved ones to help you and love you!

The Truth According To Arthur by David Tazzyman – A lovely book which is so ideal to address the issue of fibbing! It captures the child’s perspective in a beautiful way. It is important to own up, just like Arthur!

Kevin by Rob Biddulph – Ohh don’t we all face this often! Putting all our faults and wrong doings on an imaginary friend. Well, Sid does the same and his imaginary friend is Kevin. But when he happens to spend a day in Kevin’s land he understands that he is the invisible one there. So he starts doing all the naughty things but the blames go onto Kevin. He then realises how wrong it is to put your own wrong doings on others. Again a wonderful book on owning up! Helped us tremendously.
All of Rob Biddulph’s books come highly recommended.

The Mood Hoover by Paul Brown – A fun book that says the most important thing: you can’t keep good things hidden away for long!

The Big Bad Mood by Tom Jamieson and Olga Demidova – The dark mood that we all have some day or the other. The mood that is so dark and gloomy that we don’t even want others to be happy. While George stomped and shouted and did all mean things with the big bad mood, he soon realises that he misses his friends so much. So, he decides to stay away from the dark sulky mood. Again helped us tremendously on the rainy days.

Miss Hazeltine’s Home For Shy And Fearful Cats by Alicia Potter– This is a very recent purchase and we are still devouring this almost every second day. Being Abhay and fearful is okay but we all must know the courage that we have deep down. Each and every book is very special and close to our heart. All these books have been reviewed and discussed in our group many times but I just wanted to put them together in one place.

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