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Books love as shared by our members in February!
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Amardeep just got these 4 books for her soon to be 5 yo.

Spend It! (A Moneybunny Book) for 4 years+


Give It! (A Moneybunny Book) for 4 years+


Save It! (A Moneybunny Book) for 5 years+


Earn It! (A Moneybunny Book) is for slightly older kids (6 years+) as it shows kids earning by doing household chores like mowing the lawn, babysitting (which can be explained as earning pocket money in the Indian context).


Quoting Amardeep:

Introducing the concept of money to little ones is always tough. I remained oblivious of money till I was at least 8 or 9, but today’s children are more observant and pick up words faster. Further, given the consumerist world we live in now, it has become extremely important to explain the value of money to them – why do we choose a particular toy over another, why do we say let’s wait and get this toy for your birthday, why do we say, choose between these two toys?

The moneybunny books are perfect for this. The cuteness factor aside, I cannot believe how simply they have explained the value of money. There are four books in the series, but the two I would recommend for little ones are Spend it and Give it (appropriate for ages 4 plus). The other two can wait since they involve understanding working for your money. Spend it helps kids understand that not all things in the world cost the same, and that’s why we need to choose what to spend our money on. The bunny is trying to choose between three toys he really wants. How will he do it? If your child is always asking for toys, this is the book you need to get. Give it helps them understand the beauty of spending on yourself vs helping others, in the most beautiful way ever. How will bunny choose to spend his money so that it has the most impact on the world? Get the books to find out.

MONEY MASTERS: STORIES TO MAKE KIDS MONEY SMART for 8-14 years (36 pages). Sowmya has shared a detailed review with inside pages here in the fb group. Quoting her:

“Stocks, shares, index funds, NFTs! Financial literacy is the need of the hour. We need to manage our money in order to save, invest, spend and donate!! This compact book manages to convey the important financial concepts through nine engaging stories which children will enjoy and comprehend.

💰Concepts like budgeting, diversification, compounding and inflation are explained through lucid examples. One particular example that stood out for me was the comparison drawn between a seed becoming a fruit-bearing tree and money growing upon investment. Both require patience, perseverance and nurturing!

💰There are worksheets inserted in the book(which can be downloaded separately as well) which helps the young ones learn to take charge of their money.

Through the use of simple language interspersed with worksheets and cute illustrations, this compact book is an easy read and is sure to ignite your child’s interest in money matters. I would highly recommend this book to all youngsters!”

USBORNE TOUCHY-FEELY SOUND BOOKS Sreyoshi has shared a video of one of them in the kbc fb group here.

Hand in Hand (New Books for Newborns) for Baby-3 years. The entire NEW BOOKS FOR NEWBORNS series looks lovely to gift!

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon!!

What to Do When You Feel Like Hitting: A No Hitting Book for Toddlers 

My Body Sends A Signal: Helping Kids Recognize Emotions and Express Feelings for 3-6 years

Stir Crack Whisk Bake: A Little Book about Little Cakes Nandini has shared a wonderful video in the kbc fb group of how she and her toddler interact with over this book!

Super-heroes share for 3 years+
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The Story of Ferdinand 3-5 years

Rhino Neil – for 3-6 years

Stories With 2 Ends – Decision Based Alternative Story Path – Set of 3 books – Miracle world, The Underwater World, Toom And the Dragon – highly recommended by all of our parents who have them!

The Circus Ship for 3/3.5 years+ . Priyanka has this.

There is a ‘circus ship’ that is travelling to different places for circus shows. There are 15 animals, a wise captain and a brutal circus boss on board of the ship. Despite a foggy weather, the circus boss wants the captain to sail because he wants to get to the show. Unfortunately, the ship crashes, sinks and everyone on the dock fall apart on the waters, each trying to save their lives. The kind captain of course saves the circus boss but when he moves ahead to save the other members, the heartless and selfish boss directs the captain to sail away… What happens to the animals, where do they land? Would they find themselves a home somewhere? Would the Circus Boss ever come back to see where the animals are and how they have been? The way the story unfolds is heartwarming.

Somebody Swallowed Stanley : an ocean plastic story. Priyanka has shared the review in our fb group.
Author: Sarah Roberts
Illustration: Hannah Peck
Publishers: Scholastic Inc. UK.

While we talk a great deal about plastics and all nine yards about things related to caring about our environment, what if plastic turns into a protagonist? The name of the book itself was so interesting, and when we got this and had our first read, I was wowed by the illustration, story-line but more so by the thought of how it could have felt to be a plastic in this plastic obsessed world.

Coming to the storyline, Stanley, looks familiar and yet so different in the ocean when he swims over the waters. He is mistaken by many sea creatures- jellyfishes, whale, even a seagull, and a tortoise. He is mistaken as food, and when the predator realizes its just a plastic, they have discomfort in letting poor Stanley out of their system. Stanley is now everywhere looking for a reason to be free. Would anyone help Stanley? Would he find a purpose? Would he find a place where he could probably find a home where he could belong, and bring a smile to someone and also enjoy the company?

In various ways this beautiful book sets a reminder of using plastics consciously, to keep the various forms in which ‘Stanley’ exists, away from where he doesn’t belong.

Once Upon a Time Online: A Happily Ever After Is Only a Click Away! (Picture Book) for 4/5-8 years. Vinati has this one. Quoting her:

While twisted fairy tales have been doing rounds for long, but ever wondered what happens when a laptop arrives at fairyland…Cinderella gets a new ballroom gown galore, Three little pigs get their bricks and more….On just a click..their wishlist gets tick, tick..and ticked.

But hell falls loose when the bills arrive, The engrossed bad wolf forgets to strike…Everyone is lost and has no clue, Ahaaaa, comes fairy godmother to the rescue….A short funny story with relatable characters highlighting simple concepts of being safe online and parental consent. Comes all the more handy when post pandemic many a kids (atleast my 5yo did) think , u want anything amazon uncle will get you….free (how we wished 😉)

Pink!: What’s a penguin to think when he wakes up PINK? a book on self acceptance recommended by Sherry.

Kafka and the Doll for 4-8 years

For brain teaser/puzzle books Achira highly recommends BUSTER BRIGHT SPARKS BOOKS!


Buster Activity books for all ages are available – Punidha recommends them.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Book of Emotions for 5-8 years

The Astronaut Who Painted the Moon: The True Story of Alan Bean  for 4/6-8 years. Quoting Sharadhi:

This book is a true story of astronaut Alan Bean. Astronaut Alan Bean – the fourth person to walk on the Moon’s beautiful, barren surface returned to earth and began painting what he saw. He wanted the world to feel the magic and mystery out there, because the photographs just showed grim and gloomy place. There was so much more to the Moon than that and he wanted to share his story.


Hello, World! My Body by Jill McDonald for 2-3 years recommended by Achira. All of Jill McDonald’s Hello, World! books are amazing for babies and toddlers on different topics.

Life Issues – Good Touch, Bad Touch (says 4-7 years) Mona Sharma has this. Mona highly recommends the series LIFE ISSUES by Team Pegasus as each book addresses various issues.

Watch Out! No Touch for 4/5 years+ – recommended by all of our parents who have this book! This book and other books in this series can be ordered from Scholastic India via our kbc storefront as well. Scholastic India always has special offers on.

NEW RELEASE: Adi & Anku Learn To Stay Safe – The body safety guide for preschoolers (English) for 3-6 years (28 pages) from the makers of MENSTRUPEDIA (for 9 years+) and GULU (for 10 years+).

SMART TOTS | Children’s Safety Book | Good Touch Bad Touch Guide For Kids | Be Smart Be Safe By Dr Kanika Sharma 

Stop! You are not allowed to touch me by Asma Torgal

Numbers Colouring Book with Body Safety Education by KIDS ON ALERT. For 4+ but Sweta got it for her 3yo. Sweta recently came across this interactive coloring book on body safety. Kids can learn numbers through coloring on body safety pictures. She has shared inside pages in the fb group here.

Misha Says No is another book in the series that Sweta has shared. Quoting her: “It talks about body boundaries and we can say no if we any touch makes us uncomfortable. The thing which i liked most was there was one page on when to say no, but also the alternatives we can do. We say no if someone says hi by forcefully hugging instead we can say hi by waving, smiling.” She has shared the inside pages here in the fb group. There are other books on KIDS ON ALERT as well.

Keep Your Child Safe: Body Safety bookset by Rashi Gandhi for 4-7 years

My Body is Special and Private Kindle Edition
My Private Parts are Private! A Guide for Teaching Children about Safe Touching Kindle Edition
IT’S MY BODY: A Book about Body Privacy for Young Children by Louise Spilsbury for 5-7 years

USBORNE See Inside Inventions (Usborne See Inside)

366 Words in Mumbai – Vocabulary, GK and Activity Book for Kids Achira has this book and highly recommends it! Inside pix here on our fb group.

366 Words in Delhi – Vocabulary, GK and Activity Book for kids


Crowns and Codebreakers

Cats and Curses 

Dogs and Doctors

Spooks and Scooters


The Storyteller: Tales from the Arabian Nights (10th Anniversary Edition) Paperback – Import, 20 December 2021

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday by Jo Simmons for 9/10+

The Adventures of the Kohinoor by William Dalrymple for 10-16 years

Be Amazing! An inspiring guide to being your own champion (144 pages)

You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything by Mathew Syed for 9 years+. Achira has shared a detailed review in our kbc fb group with a few pages which she found very useful and impactful. Excerpts:

At some point in all our lives we have felt we can’t do this or we are not really good at anything or a,b or c is so much better! There have, of course, been times when we have felt demotivated and felt like giving up! As adults also don’t we often feel like things are just falling apart and we are not able to handle things! So we can well imagine how hard it can get for the kids.

NOT GIVING UP. This is what exactly this amazing book talks about. How we can achieve our own inner awesomeness. It is the mindset that makes the difference in each and every aspect in our life. What is it that differentiates between a kid average and kid awesome and how we can make that change is beautifully described in this book. The references to some very famous people makes it even more interesting.

By the same author:
The You Are Awesome Journal: Dare to find your confidence (and maybe even change the world)
Dare to Be You: Defy Self-Doubt, Fearlessly Follow Your Own Path and Be Confidently You! 
The Dare to Be You Journal


Invisible People: Stories of Courage and Hope by Harsh Mander who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!

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