Jul 172023
Amirtha’s Book Buddies for #kbcBookBingoToddler (0-4 years)
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Amirtha just loves books. We started reading to her from her first month. We always have had books around us. Initially we used to get random books, but after being part of KBC, we started getting age appropriate books and she started reading more and enjoying more. There were days she used to tear books, but we with-held. Now at 2.5 years, we are back to enjoying reading/hearing and looking at books and of course buying more and more books! Excited to be part of #kbcbookbingo2023.

1. A yellow coloured book – Peppa Loves Reading
Who doesn’t love Reading or Peppa 🙂 . This is one of the first Peppa Pig books we had got. Peppa and George with help of their parents, form a Book Club to read their favorite book “The Red Monkey” with their friends. They all have fun reading the book, and the grown-up book club members join in too.
As it says, “Peppa loves reading books, Everybody loves reading books”.

2.Leaf or flower on the cover – Where’s Peppa? A lift-the-flap book
In this book Peppa hides and Mummy Pig tries to find her. On the way she finds Grandpa Pig, George, Daddy Pig and Granny Pig and finally Peppa. Every time after reading this book, Amirtha hides and we have to find her. And like Peppa, it’s hard to find her too. 😉

3.A book with siblings – Peppa Pig – Paper Planes
In this book, Peppa and her brother George learn how to make Paper airplanes and how to fly them. Then once Daddy pig joins in they make and fly really bigger ones. We learnt the word WHEE from this book. So whenever we see any thing flying, she calls out WHEEEE.

4.A book that features mom – Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler
This book talks about a little money looking for his mother and helped by a butterfly. This book helped us with learning about many animals, especially one of our favorites, the Elephant. The end is so cute. The illustrations in the book is so beautiful.

5.A book that features dad – Daddy Pig’s Fun Run
You might have come to the conclusion that our absolute favorite is Peppa Pig ;). It’s much fun if it has the silly Daddy Pig in it too. This book talks about how Daddy Pig does a fun run to raise money to fix the school roof. We learnt an important lesson here – it’s a good thing to help even if it’s tough for you.

6.A bedtime book – Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Countdown to Bedtime
This book is our favorite bedtime book. The book talks about how Peppa and family go on a night time counting spree of the favorite things like brushing, jumping in puddles, counting hedgehogs to wind down before bedtime. This book has helped us in introducing numbers to her.

7.Lift the flap book – What Does Baby Say? By Karen Katz
This book talks about what the baby says when she is hungry, happy or cranky. Whenever we read this book, we both take turns to talk like a baby, like wah wah wah, uh-oh and ba ba. There are so many flaps and each shows what the baby says. Very interactive book.

8.A Cat book – Puss in Boots
This book is a hand me down from her brother. We learnt the word adventure from this book. This book is about a brave daring cat with his amazing magical boots going on adventures and having fun. It has everything we need to go on adventures. We have lots of cats at her grandma’s house and all are Mr. Puss for us.

9.A book by Debi Gliori – Alfie in the Bath
This is a recent addition. In this book Alfie rabbit takes a bath and imagines being a whale, a ship-wreck at the bottom of the sea or a deep-sea terrifying monster. We just love how Alfie is so creative with his bath toys and then finally cleaning up his mess with Daddy-bun.

10.A book on first experiences – Peppa Pig: Peppa at the Petting Farm

When we took our Elder one to a petting farm when he 3 years old, he became so scared and started crying on seeing the cows and even a little pony. It was a scary experience for all of us. So when we had plans of taking Amirtha to my parents farm last year, which had cows, sheeps and chickens, we were worried. So this book helped us to introduce her to the concept of animals and that we can pet and play with them. They are cute. Since she saw her favourite Peppa pet and not scared of animals, she was ookay too.

She enjoyed a lot at our farm. 

11.A book that makes you giggle – Wriggle and Roar by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt
Our favorite is The Terrible Tickle one. She just laughs and laughs whenever we take this book out, because it means it’s tickle time. Also we have learnt how various birds sound, and whenever we see any bird, she calls out CUCKOO CUCKOO.

12.A book on big emotions – The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt
This book by Drew Daywalt and Pictures by Oliver Jeffers is just a pure gem. In this book, Duncan finds that all his crayons are on a strike, because they think he is partial to other colours. Each crayon is showing their emotions in being not used to their potential. This book explains how being not included isn’t cool. We just laugh so much when we are at the part with the Peach crayon. This book taught us how every one is important and have their part in our life.

13.A book that was helpful in addressing an issue – Peppa Goes to the Library
This book taught us about library and the importance of books. In this book, Daddy Pig forgets to return a book for a long time and learns to make sure you need to return books on time to library. It also teaches us to be quiet in the library and not disturb others, which Amirtha doesn’t know to be and slowly is learning to be.

14.A book you love for the illustrations – Hello World! My Body by Jill McDonald.
This book is a delight for our eyes. It portrays each part of the body in a colourful way that we can keep on looking at it. It also helped us identify various body parts and why we need them. We are always hungry at the SNIFF SNIFF page, while seeing (smelling) all the bakery delights. 🙂

15.A book by an Indian author – Farm by Farzana Sarup
We got this book as part of the WonderHouseWednesdaysonKBC. This book explains beautifully about various farm animals and their uses. How the cows, donkeys, chickens and bees are useful for the farmer and what they give us. We love the Honey Bees.

16.A book that has food in the title – A is for Apple – Tiger Tales
This is an interactive book where we learn the letter, the word corresponding to it and also trace the letter. Amirtha loves to trace the letters with this book. We started learning our letters from this book.

17.A book with a stuffed animal – My First Activity Book (Melissa & Doug)
This is one of the first books we had. This cloth book comes with a bear hand puppet, butterfly and bee cloth toys. Amirtha loves to play with the hand puppet and the bee toy so much they have started to wear out. This book also comes with zipper, buttons, buckles and various other activities inside. She just sits for hours with this book.

18.A book about day out with the family – Peppa’s Muddy Puddle Walk
In this book, Peppa and George along with their friends at playgroup and their families go on a muddy puddle walk and raise money for their playgroup. On their way they sing a song too, which we love to sing along.
“Who loves muddy puddles? We do, We do!!!!”.
Grandpa and Granny pig join in too with Granny Pig’s famous chocolate cake to make the walk even more fun.

19.A book that teaches an important lesson – Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae
This book teaches us a very important lesson, that no matter how tough or rough it is, we need to enjoy ourselves. Then it will make the task as much fun. Gerald Giraffe isn’t good at dancing, but still wants to dance at the festival. But all other animals make fun of him. So the sad Giraffe goes away. But he learns from the cricket you need to let lose of your fears and enjoy dancing to your own tunes. What happens next? You need to read this beautiful tale.

20.Grown up’s favourite book in the house – Peppa Pig – My busy book.
We were gifted this book by a friend, very recently and has become our latest favorite. Apart from storybooks about Peppa, George, their family and their friends we have little toys of Peppa and friends and also a big playmat with all Peppa pig activities like – their Playgroup, Play ground and their house to play with. It’s super duper and she can play with it for hours.

21.A hand-me down book you are attracted to – Oh, the Places You’ll Go! By Dr. Seuss
Her brother was gifted this book by his elementary teachers at his fifth grade graduation with a note from all teachers. He treasures it so much. He takes it out to read it to her many times. It’s a beautiful book explaining how you are meant to go places and even if it takes time or mistakes you will reach there, along with a reminder to have fun on the way. Dr Seuss is a master at words and this book is the best example.

22.A book you tore – Counting Kisses by Karen Katz
We have read this book so much times that the binding is tearing apart now. We love the way the author helps us learn numbers, body parts and relationships in simple terms for the kids.

23.A book you have carried to bed and slept with – DK Baby Touch and Feel Animals
Her brother got this book for her at his school fair last year. This book is been one of our constant night time reads. This book has pages about various animals and there is a touch-and-feel part in each page. We like the part with the fish and we can touch its scales. There is a playful kitten and fluffy dog, tiger cub with grass around and an elephant playing with water. It’s an interactive way of learning about animals.

24.A book written in rhyme (not nursery rhymes) –There’s No Place Like Space By Tish Rabe
This book is from the Cat in the Hat series. The Cat in the Hat along with Thing One and Thing two go on an adventure to space and help us learn all about that place.
It also teaches the order of the planets –
nine hundred and ninety-nine
And also about constellations and many others about space. A must book for Space fans.

25.A book your grandparent read to you – Ganesha The God of Prosperity by OmKidz
Her grandfather got her this book at a temple fair. It talks about how Lord Parvati created a form using turmeric paste from her body and breathed life into it and thus Lord Ganesha was born, how he was so fearless to stand against Lord Shiva and his followers and how he got his elephant face. It also talks about his various antics and he overcome his enemies and his playfulness with his brother Lord Muruga. It’s her grandfathers favourite book to read to her. She loves listening to it with him.

26.A book that has food stains on it – Peppa Pig Happy Birthday Sound Book

This is one of the first sound books we got for her. She just loves when we press the button to hear the Happy Birthday song and always laughs when she blows on the candle to see the candle-light goes off, which means it’s time to start doing it one more time!! This is one of the books we pack for road trips, and always have this book during parties so it has lots of cake cream on it. 🙂

27.A book given to you so mom/dad could have tea in peace! –My Leisure Time Colouring Book and a box of crayons
She loves to colour. We buy many colouring books for her so that she can stop colouring our walls/doors and colour the animals in the books instead. This is one of many colouring books we have. So whenever we want to have few minutes of me-time, I just give her the book and few crayons and sit. She scribbles away in peace too.

28.A book by Wonder House – Pawsome Foam Books – Shapes by Wonder House
When she was in the tearing books phase, we got some foam books so that she can enjoy the books and we can save the other books for later. This foam book has withheld her phase. We have learnt about various shapes from the Paw Patrol team. Our favorite is the Oval shape – by Okay. This book comes in a set – Colours, Alphabets, Numbers too.

29.A book you gift often – How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers
This has been our go-to gift book. This book is so beautifully written. We got this book during one of the deal alerts by the KBC Team. It talks about how a boy, who loved stars so much that he wanted one of his own. So he tries to catch one with various creative and innovative ways. This book teaches us that if you want something, go for it and it will surely be yours.

30.A book you got from kbc recommendations –
Peppa’s Busy Day

We got this and a few other Peppa Pig books from our amazing KBC recommendations. This book has taught us to use a clock and that how each hour means a particular time.

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