Mar 232019
A trip to the neighborhood Singapore Library
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Come with me. I’m gonna take you to one of the Community Libraries in Singapore. Many visit here to Singapore and do the touristy stuff but allow me to take you to the place visited by so many children, adults and even senior citizens.

The automatic doors open to the cool air conditioned library. A much needed relief for the almost 40 degrees Celsius climate on most days. The elevator take us on the second floor where a bright hall blossoms with so many colors. My five year old runs towards the bookshelves and wanders off in the isles of science, space, animals, community in addition the shelves of story books for all ages. He loves taking books about planets, motorbikes and cheetahs.

We both can spend hours here without being disturbed. Just us and our books. We sit nestled in the cozy sofas and start to read one book after the other. Books from known authors or just the ones with the big pretty pictures. We read Eric Carle, Roald Dahl, Oliver Jeffers and so many more. All that reading does build up an appetite. So we both go to the library cafe and munch on my boy’s favorite, cheesecake!

All the books you can read and borrow – it’s the best wish a genie could grant. Unlimited access to reading. Not only reading but, the library also conducts activities for children too like board games, singing and puzzles.

I may not be in Singapore forever but I will definitely create my little Singapore library in my very own home. My shelf will be stacked with good books to enjoy again and again while sitting nestled in a cozy sofa. My son and I will enjoy books with cake from our kitchen cafe.

Here is what the Singapore Library did to my child;

  1. It gave my child a ‘Mom approved picnic.’ Instead of movies or malls, a visit to the Library was a fun weekend outing for the family. Mom, Dad and child would each choose their books. My child borrowed ‘Maddi’s Fridge’ (review here) , ‘The Clever Tailor‘ (review here), ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ (review here) and many other books from the library.
  2. It helped my child learn how to take care and be more responsible. Looking after the borrowed books ensured he became more responsible for his belongings. He made a special place in his room for books.
  3. Most importantly, he started to treat himself as a reader. A reader with a library card and an opinion.
  4. My son became aware that some things are better borrowed and not purchased. I was happy he learned the value of borrow and purchase.

I really hope you all get a chance to make a Library your favorite family picnic spot.

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  1. you are blessed priya to have such an amazing reading environment! i love libraries and thankfully we have two good ones in goa. my NDDB campus library changed my world forever. and so did Bookworm Goa for ini. reading this blog post of yours took me to singapore! ah i could almost taste the cheesecake 🙂 thank you for sharing!!


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