Jun 242022

Meet The Courageous Change-Makers! [Review]

Through this book, I met these 65 young boys and girls who had some great thoughts and ideas. Did they really keep them in their head? NO!!! They had a plan, they knew exactly what they wanted and they just followed that.

Jun 172022

Panjiri vs. Khubani Ka Meetha: The Sweet Shop Wars [Review]

Set in Hyderabad, the story revolves around the rivalry between two sweet shop owners, and the beautiful friendship that develops between the young children from the shops when they bond over panjiri, khubani ka meetha and swatting flies like ninjas

Jun 072022

Divit’s Terrific Twenty!! #KbcBookBingoSr (8-12 years)

Book Bingo is my favourite highlight of the summer break. What I love the most about the book bingo is that I can take down all the books while trying to choose one for each category and that gives me a chance to re-read many of my old favorites.

Jul 252021

Pickle Yolk Books have award winning and incredibly beautiful picture books for 3-7yrs. Each one of them is unique – from the topic/issue the author chooses to address, to the unparalleled illustrations, to the directness and candidness, to the subtle nuances. We strongly feel that every parent who is raising a sensitive and kind child must ensure at least a few (if not all!) of these enchanting books are included in the home library.