Jun 282019
7 Children’s Books that teach you life lessons
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These 7 books are worth having in every child’s personal library.

Some time back I shared some of our recommended books for 2-6 year olds. There are 7 books that helped us enormously and I wanted to tell you how. Please read these books and own them as they are precious and for keeps. If you are a member of a children’s library, please issue these books for sure.

7 Must-Reads that teach you great lessons (3-8 years)

The Witch with an Itch
This story is about a good witch who wants to try spells on very innocent creatures around her and every time she tries a bad spell, she gets an itch and the spell goes wrong. She learns the lesson that every one around us is there for a reason and we cannot play with their lives for our merriment which teaches us the wonderful lesson of “kindness to all”

Ruby’s Worry
It teaches children the concept of worries and how it’s important to
not carry that burden alone all the time. Ruby’s worry grows and grows
everyday till she finds a way to get rid of it. It’s a fun story yet
handles a very sensitive issue related to children.

The Scar
This is a book about losing a parent. This book helped me tremendously
in making my daughter understand the death of her dad and it helped
her comprehend the concept of “death” a bit more.

Library Lion
This is our favourite book till date. It’s a beautiful story about how
a Lion becomes part of a library. The librarian is a strict
disciplinarian and how she also falls for the lion. Everyone realises
that rules are important but sometimes there is a valid reason when
it’s okay to break the rule.

Beautiful Oops – It’s one of the best books that we have read, its
message being “it’s ok to make mistakes”. It’s not really a story but
still a great read. It teaches our little ones the importance of
making mistakes as there are wonderful life lessons to be learned from
it and opportunity to improvise.  A spill, smear, smudge or a tear are
all opportunities to create something more amazing. A beautiful story
and I highly recommend it

My lucky day – It is such a nice story, A pig by mistake lands on the
doorstep of a fox and the fox thinks it’s his lucky day as a pig just
walked in to be made into a meal. But wait, guess what? The pig
completely takes charge and turns his bad luck into one of the best
days of his life and walks out of the door like a king. A hilarious
story where a pig stays positive despite being in a very messy
situation and smartly handles it.

The Tiny Seed – Again a beautiful life lesson to be learned here. A
seed is very tiny and is not always able to keep up with other seeds
who are bigger than it, but in the end it’s no more a disadvantage and
rather the same tiny seed grows up to be the biggest plant ever. Apart
from this, it also takes kids through the whole lifecycle of how a
plant grows from seeds to flower.

Other books we currently love reading which can be included in your reading list (5-10 years )

Fancy Nancy 
Seed to plant
Mercy Watson series
Amelia Bedelia series
Pippi  Longstocking (read review here)

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